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Student services

As a student at AP, of course you are not on your own. We can help you with some practical matters: good food in our student restaurants, computer facilities, student housing, to sniff up some culture at student-friendly prices and the purchase of a laptop at a discount price are just some examples.

Student restaurants

In AP’s student restaurants you can grab a bite at student-friendly prices every day. A selection from our offer: pasta, fries, salads, vegetarian dishes, delicious desserts and much more. The offer differs from campus to campus. Some campuses are also equipped with vending machines with drinks and snacks.

The following campuses have their own student restaurant:

  • campus deSingel (Conservatorium)
  • campus Spoor Noord - Noorderplaats
  • campus Spoor Noord - Ellermanstraat
  • campus Meistraat

For students of campus Mutsaard and campus Kronenburg, we have a partnership agreement with external partners. Students from campus Mutsaard can go to the student restaurant of the University of Antwerp (Komida). Students from campus Kronenburg are more than welcome at the company restaurant of the Institute of Tropical Medicine (Karibu).    

Seven culture vouchers, ten euros, three moves

Are you sometimes moved by a play? Do you get inspired by a fascinating exhibition? Or would you rather be carried away by a contemporary dance performance? What is stopping you? It surely is not your budget: thanks to the culture vouchers you can indulge your cultural cravings without going bankrupt. As a student, you pay ten euros to get seven theme vouchers that give you access to more than 40 culture venues and museums and the library in Antwerp.

Managing your vouchers is easy with one digital platform and your unique code to order tickets. In three moves from your couch in your room to your seat in the theatre. What to do?

  • Create your own profile.
  • Buy your culture vouchers using online payment. You will receive them in your mailbox or you can download them as a pdf.
  • Choose your favourite culture venue and exchange your voucher by phone, at the box office or by e-mail.
Useful, because:
  • You no longer have to go all the way to GATE15 or the Student Facilities Service to buy your culture vouchers.
  • You no longer have to ask yourself where you have left your vouchers.
  • You immediately know what your outstanding vouchers are.
  • You discover what is on the agenda and get a quick overview per genre.
  • You read super cool tips about theatre performances, films or ballet shows.
  • All of this on your laptop, tablet or smartphone! 
  • You can find the full calendar with tips and all participating culture venues on  cultuurcheques.gate15.be/en/.

Computer infrastructure

Every year, AP invests in modern computer rooms. As a student, you can use these free of charge, so you do not have to buy a computer or laptop yourself. However, there are many students who like to have their own laptop. In some technical bachelor programmes, this is even recommended or mandatory. That is why AP offers laptops at an advantageous price. To this end, we can rely on two specialized companies.


The laptops offered by our partners are up to 45% less expensive than in the store. They were carefully selected by the university college. We go for models that are also used in the corporate world, which means they are very solid. The offer consists of models of the following brands:

  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Toshiba
  • Asus

Unfortunately, we cannot offer Apple devices at a lower price than the standard student discount.

Support and warranty

If you want to buy a laptop, you can contact the following partners of AP University College:

Both partners offer laptops with different technical specifications. The main difference between both providers is the support and warranty. That difference immediately explains the difference in price. Depending on your needs you decide at which company you will buy a laptop.

AcademicShop offers a comprehensive three-year warranty that ensures that - in case of a defect - you will not lose your laptop for weeks and, if it cannot be repaired immediately, you will receive a replacement device with all your data on it.

CampusShop offers two years of 'quick student service warranty’. This means that they surely repair your device within one week.

Student support

Student clubs and councils can receive financial or logistic support for catering, sports equipment and non-educational activities of a sports, cultural, social or ecological nature. They inform the Student Facilities Service at least three weeks before the start of the activity, so there is still enough time to place an order with one of AP’s suppliers.

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