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Title Area of interest Project type Period
Influence on theater profiles and disciplines in Antwerp -
'Aux morts pour la patrie'. The war music of Emile Wambach (1854-1924) Research project -
(THIS IS NOT) A BOOK Research project -
A contextual, text-critical analysis of Johann Sebastian Bach's Art of Fugue: Reflections on Performance Practice and Text-critical Analysis, and the Interaction Between Them Doctorate project
A study of movement in marimba playing Doctorate project -
A way home Wellbeing Cooperation project -
A ‘re- communion’ of the modern marimba and the ethnic idiophone—through transcribing the West African balafon music to the modern marimba
Act in Time - Transnational actions for the access and integration of migrants into the EU labor market Wellbeing Cooperation project -
ACTEA - Applied Curricula in Technology for East Africa Technology, Technology, Education, Training Cooperation project -
Adaptive User Interfaces: Designing for Smart Cities Technology Research project -
Adieu Doctorate project -
An Equal Music Research project -
Antwerp art scenes in the 50s and 60s Research project -
Archive alive Research project -
Arpeggio in baroque piano literature Doctorate project -
Artaserse Research project -
Artificial extensions of acoustics in music practice Research project -
ASSUR - Integrated studies for Syrian and European Universities Education Cooperation project -
Ballet music Hanssens Research project -
Belgian Platform for Photobooks Research project -
Belgian symbolism in the art song Research project -
Belgium is happening Research project -
Beyond analogue and digital Research project -
Beyond The Barricades Doctorate project -
BIOFIX Research project
Biological acting Research project -
Building bridges Wellbeing Research project -
Building garments Doctorate project -
Cadenza Research project -
Chamber music -
Chamber music of Paolo Litta Research project -
Charles Duquesnoy Research project -
COBIADO: A Sense of Home in Elderly Care Wellbeing Research project -
Composition on location Research project -
Concept:graff Research project -
Conceptual urban art Research project -
Context & perception in theatre Research project -
CRAFTS CODE Management Cooperation project -
Crush and generate Research project -
Curating Conflict Photos Research project -
Curriccula conservatoria Research project -
DABNAP Research project -
Dance Making: Exploring Through Reflective and Bodily Experiences Doctorate project
De hiel van Kuifje Doctorate project -
Design as a Cultural Communicator Doctorate project -
Differences and similarities in visual language through teaching practices in Hoboken and Oujda Research project -
Disrupted narratives Research project -
Dutch Mordant Research project
EIPTE – Entrepreneurship in Initial Primary Teacher Education Education, Training Cooperation project -
Elizabeth and Albert Research project -
Empowering the Future – Youth, Arts & Media Wellbeing Cooperation project -
EMRUZ | TODAY - New music from Iran and the iranian diaspora Research project -
Endlich etwas wirklich neues Doctorate project -
ENSURE Health Cooperation project -
Fenaroli's legacy Research project -
Figurative Painting Doctorate project -
Figures@stage Research project -
Fingertip or hand? Research project -
Fire 2025 Technology Research project -
Fit for 4.0 Education, Training Cooperation project -
Flat photography Research project -
Forgotten Flemish repertoire Research project -
Formation need Visual Arst Research project -
Fringe Creativity Doctorate project -
From digital to virtual Communication, Technology Research project -
From Ninette to tavern princess Research project -
From reproduction to narration Research project -
From zero to void Research project -
GENIUS Education, Communication, Technology Cooperation project -
Girl Power - Girls and Technology Education, Training Research project -
Grasping the invisible: Sun Data. Research project -
Groenten uit Vlaanderen. From the fall of Artevelde to Malcolm X. A history of Flemish theater literature since 1945. Research project -
GrowingGifs #drawing in motion Research project -
Het drama van het drama Research project -
Het kijkbeeld Doctorate project
HINGE - How to win the challenge: internationalizing EQF level 5 Education Cooperation project -
Historical performance practice of post-war avant-garde music for guitar: documenting practical performer/composer/score relations Doctorate project -
Holofire Technology Research project -
HOLOSCULPTURE Research project -
Horn plays Research project -
How to hunt with the camera Research project -
Hugo Roelandt Research Project
Humor & art Doctorate project -
ICCARus - Improving housing Conditions for CAptive Residents in Ghent Wellbeing Cooperation project -
Imaging research Research project -
IMPECD - Improvement of education and competences in dietetics Health, Wellbeing, Technology, Education Cooperation project -
In Public, In Particular (IPIP) Visual Arts Cooperation project -
In search of aural cinema Research project -
Inclusive dance Dance, Education, Training -
INnetCAMPUS Wellbeing Cooperation project -
Inventing new marimba techniques Research project -
I’ve Never Been Big Sick Research project -
Jack Sels (1922-1970): 'The white negro of the docks' Research project -
Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens: life and work of a Belgian organist, seen from the 19th century organ practice Doctorate project -
Kyss - Kickstart Your Soft Skills Education Cooperation project -
Labo inclusion dance Research project -
LABORATORY, the legacy of Lynne Cohen (1944-2014) Research project -