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Practice-oriented research groups

AP's practiced-oriented research groups each have their own topics, focus and work field.


The Immersive Lab is a center of expertise that centralises all research projects, acquired knowledge and technology around XR technology (extended reality: virtual, augmented and mixed reality) and makes it available to students, researchers, companies and non-profit organizations. Researchers are brought into contact with XR manufacturers, hardware and software developers, investors ... as well as education, cultural institutions and other interested parties in the region.


BRON stands for Business & Recht (Applied Law) Onderzoek (Research). BRON is the Dutch word for SOURCE. That is exactly what we want to be: a SOURCE of inspiration, advice, collaboration and expertise for SME's looking for progress in the fields of sustainable entrepreneurship, digital transformation and/or Smart Supply Chain Management. As an independant non-commercial research and expertise center, BRON can guide and support contemporary entrepreneurs by increasing awareness, facilitating knowledge transfer and sharing expertise.


The 'Health and Life Sciences' research group at AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts brings together 7 health education programmes who join forces in the pursuit of a future with

  • good physical and mental health for everyone
  • health professionals capable of providing quality care in an efficient and satisfying way.


Thematically, the research and expertise center Media, Design and IT is focusing on four spearheads: 

  1. Video and motion graphics in a professional context
  2. Game user experience design
  3. AI applications and data-driven personalization
  4. Sustainable (ecological, ethical, inclusive) and user-centered design, development and communication.



Circular Innovationlab is a dynamic research group with a strong focus on the circular transition of the local field. Circular economy is the key to reducing the negative impact of human activities on the environment and using resources more efficiently. It is about closing the cycle of materials and reducing waste. We understand the importance of this transition and aim to provide local governments and SMEs with practical tools and methods to embrace the circular transition.


For organisations, lifelong learning and innovation remain complex issues. They struggle with the question of how to shape these processes effectively in their specific situation. With the Research Center Lifelong Learning & Innovation (OLLI), we support organisations such as colleges and companies in the design of learning and innovation processes for adults.


The research and expertise center Power of the City focuses on issues related to the promotion of social, ecological, or economic sustainability in the city. Through our interdisciplinary and practice-oriented research, we aim to contribute to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a better tomorrow for everyone living, working, or playing in the city. To achieve this, we are eager to collaborate with the practitioners, fellow researchers, and academic institutions.


The research and expertise center People and Society of  is a multidisciplinary knowledge center that researches social and pedagogical issues and supports practical work through research, project work, guidance and consultancy. The center starts from the knowledge areas, the sectors, the field and the policy linked to the bachelor and graduate programs within the department of People and Society. This includes the broad field of social work and orthopedagogy.


Education-innovation focuses on the equal educational opportunities of students in and outside the metropolitan context and strives to be the connecting partner for the international education field for practice-based research and the services that result from it.