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Meaningful Marketing Talks



How Generative AI is transforming marketing as we know  

ChatGPT is hot: marketeers are experimenting with AI for copywriting and inspiration. Did you know that Generative AI-tools (such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion,Dall-e) have the potential to transform marketing as we now? You can quickly generate several ideas and images for marketing campaigns, even during the client briefing. In this inspirational session we will show use cases to illustrate the benefits and limitations of AI for marketing. 


Karen Pauwels: Karen is currently working as a visual designer and researcher for the “Immersive Lab” and “Media, Design and IT” (AP Hogeschool). Her research is focusing on productional workflows, storytelling and user research. She is using Generative AI to generate images for branding, video and 360° video. 

Dr Silvia Van Aken: Silvia is the research coordinator “Immersive Lab”, the research center about immersive experiences through Virtual and Augmented Reality (AP Hogeschool). She obtained a PhD about storytelling techniques in the ‘Mindfilms’ of Jaco Van Dormael. The Immersive Lab is doing research on new productionals workflows (such as AI tools), immersive storytelling, embodiment and user research in VR & AR.