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As a University of Applied Sciences and Arts, AP is more than a higher education institution. AP is a learning metropolis, an enricher of talent, an amplifier of commitment and an expander of students’ world view. By way of enthusiastic teachers, progressive content, direct honest orientation and maximum interaction with expertise, AP ensures that all students can realise their full potential.

Strategy 2021-2025

Together we create a framework which allows everyone in our AP-community to bring out what's within them on all fronts. 

AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts has a unique and diverse range of study programmes on offer. Our partnership with the Schools of Arts, wide variety of bachelor & associate degrees and custom range for professionals result in an exceptional biotope. Everyone gets the chance to follow a bespoke trajectory tailored to their specific interests and abilities. At the Schools of Arts we strive towards artistic excellence in an international context. Here at AP, students, staff and the professional field carry out education activities together. 

Our university of applied sciences and arts offers a wide range of background activities that lower potential hurdles before, during and after your academic career. Thus, we guarantee maximum learning gains for each student. As an AP-student you grow as a person and develop into a world citizen. 

Furthermore, AP is a centre of expertise and a driver for research and innovative development, in collaboration with regional and international partners. 

In short, at AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts you bring out the best in yourself and you're ready (to continue to) make a real difference in our ever-changing society. 

AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts, bring out what's within you! 

Strategic goals

1. In 2025 AP forms a community of active citizens with social impact who can adapt to an ever-changing society.

Free thinkers, citizens who dare to engage themselves, creatives who provide added value in a continuously changing society. These people are at the heart of our AP-community. Together, we are and shape this community by committing to lifelong learning and by stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation. We rely on a professional team that make use of every opportunity to meet this challenge.  

2. In 2025 AP achieves maximum learning gains for each student

At the core of our DNA is an open-minded attitude. We guarantee every single student - no matter who you are - that, together, we'll get the most out of your study career, both on a professional and personal level. To this end, we create a challenging environment in which we can fully cultivate know-how, skills and attitude. 

3. In 2025 AP has a unique and trendsetting range at its disposal 

As a university of applied sciences and arts it is our ambition to offer answers to society's changing needs. We keep expanding our unique range of associate degrees, bachelor programmes and Schools of Arts. Our study programmes and research projects focus on ground-breaking spirit and work, and offer you the tools to bring out what's within you. In this regard, we are a pioneer in Flanders. 

4. In 2025 AP is a driver for innovative development, in collaboration with regional and international partners

AP chooses to take on a leading role in innovation and research, within all domains of our expertise. This is achieved in close collaboration with a network of national and international partners. We perform prominent research, translate ideas and concepts into visible innovation, and market these. 

5. In 2025 AP has the strength to fulfil current and future strategic goals 

We help people grow, in a professional and inviting organisation. We are working on the necessary financial strength to provide room for experimentation and innovation. We continue to build suitable - open and versatile - infrastructure. This is done with constant focus on people and organisation. 

Guiding principles

To implement our plans and projects in the future, we will rely on the following guiding principles: multidisciplinarity, diversity, student participation, sustainability and globalisation.