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As a University of Applied Sciences and Arts, AP is more than just a higher education institution. AP is a learning city, an enricher of talent, an amplifier of commitment and a deepener of the students’ world view. With enthusiastic teachers, progressive content, direct honest orientation and maximum interaction with expertise, AP ensures that every student can fully develop his or her potential.

Our vision

The time when it was unity versus diversity is over. Diversity is the new unity, differences are the new normal. Our daily playing field is a global one. As a University of Applied Sciences and Arts, AP is always looking for the possibilities this wealth has to offer. At AP, cultures, beliefs, customs blend together. East with West, North with South, new with old, experiment with experience, digital with analogue. The default solution is not a given. The average is not the benchmark. Experience is a starting point, not an ending point.
As a University of Applied Sciences and Arts, AP stands for an inviting, open form of cooperation which always questions itself, always looks for new angles and insights. A University of Applied Sciences and Arts that is open to other, new and non-compliant input and influences.

AP is a learning city, a crossroad where you can meet, grow, move and build. Where people drop by every day to promote exchange. Where we belong together but are also connected with the groups around us. A learning city with facilities tailored to the permanent ‘residents’, the students.

AP is all about people; people with knowledge and skills, opinions, insights and feelings. People who speak with respect, but also people who believe in direct communication, straightforward.

AP opts for true cooperation and experiencing together. It all starts with making choices, with the substantiation of the right choices. AP creates space for learning and orienting. AP offers maximum opportunities to every individual, every group and every initiative.

AP Logo

Ambitious, passionate, genuine, respectful and open – these are the values the University College brings out to the world.

Our priorities

AP formulated 5 priorities that highlight the University of Applied Sciences and Arts' ambitions for the years to come.

1. growth of PEOPLE and organization

Our programmes encourage students to shift their professional and personal boundaries. To this end, we aim for a feasible learning path for every student, create an integrated service in the field of student guidance and social services and provide a technological and infrastructural environment that meets the needs of students and staff. We use an effective organizational structure and develop an integrated and professional human resource management.


Our University of Applied Sciences and Arts directly trains employable professionals who, through their international focus, strengthen the global, socio-cultural and economic fabric in the Antwerp region. In addition, we invest in strategic partnerships with the regional and international work field and with other educational institutions.

3. groundbreaking customized study programmes

Our University of Applied Sciences and Arts creates inspiring and challenging learning environments in which students and lecturers can collaborate with passion; we encourage executives, lecturers and researchers to set up high-quality and well-organized study programmes that integrate the results of research, social services and the practice and development of the arts in education.

4. Expertise and information exchange

Our University College has set up a transparent organisational structure with attention to respect and participation and with a clear information policy, in which employees and students are given the space to assume their responsibilities.  Our University College develops a policy for research and social services in which multidisciplinary areas of expertise are determined.

5. The professional field as a partner

Our AP study programmes offer learning paths and learning methods with an extensive use of actual professional field cases and workplace training. We support and encourage our executives, lecturers and researchers to realize projects in close cooperation with professional stakeholders. Our University College develops an alumni policy in which the alumni help enhancing the study programmes and the University College supports the alumni in their professional ambitions.