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On this page you find a list of the regulations established by AP. As a student it is important that you know about these regulations. Therefore, we recommend you go through them at the beginning of the academic year.

Education and Examination Regulations

The Education and Examination Regulations lay down the rules relating to education, examinations and the student’s legal status at AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts. They provide information on admission requirements for studies, enrolment, various types of study contracts, exemption applications, taking part in examinations, conditions to pass a study, the academic calendar, etc.

Each department and each School of Arts has added several specific agreements to the Education and Examination Regulations. You find the Education and Examination Regulations of each School of Arts here:

The Education and Examination Regulations are prepared and applied in accordance with the Flemish Higher Education Code and other regulations, e.g.:

ICT Regulations

The ICT Regulations cover the agreements on the use of the ICT facilities, offered by the University College.

Library Regulations

The Library Regulations lay down the rules relating to the access to and the use of the AP libraries.

Regulations tuition fees, study costs and various expenses

You can consult the tuition fees, study costs and various expenses for the academic year 2020-2021 here.