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Jeroen Cluckers

Jeroen Cluckers (° 1985, Hasselt, BE) is a video artist and filmmaker. He creates poetic transmissions that question, explore and transform the boundaries between reality and virtuality, image and imagination, cinema and painting. After obtaining his master's degree in Fine Arts (Media Art at KASK Ghent), his work was picked up internationally. To date it has been exhibited in more than 40 countries worldwide, at prominent festivals, museums and galleries such as Ars Electronica, ZKM, The Hermitage Museum, VIDEOEX, FILE, VIDEOFORMES, MAXXI Museum, Athens Digital Arts Festival, ISEA and Pukkelpop. He has received several awards, including Best 60 Seconds Film at New York Film Week.
In his artistic work he investigates how machine perception opens up new creative perspectives. For AP University College, where he has been lecturer-researcher at the Graphic & Digital Media course since 2017, he explores innovative possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) for video and virtual reality (VR). As a researcher he further specialises in immersive media (VR/360° video) and immersive storytelling. In this context, he was involved in the multidisciplinary PWO project "Show & Tell!", where he researched the grammar of VR, and the project fund "Let's Go Virtual". Since 2019, he is project manager of "Form a Line into a Circle" (Academy, MAXlab), in which he researches how an immersive live performance can immerse the audience through an innovative symbiosis of music, space and video art. He gives lectures and demos on VR and AI: usch as an introduction on AI for Mieke De Ketelaere's lecture at Studium Generale 2019 (AP Hogeschool), SETT Gent 2019 and Let's Get Digital 2018.

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