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Media, Design and IT

Thematically, the research and expertise center Media, Design and IT is focusing on four spearheads: 

  1. Video and motion graphics in a professional context
  2. Game user experience design
  3. AI applications and data-driven personalization
  4. Sustainable (ecological, ethical, inclusive) and user-centered design, development and communication.

In addition, it is characterized by strong methodological expertise in user research. This includes:

  • needs analysis with both consumers and businesses through in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.
  • design research with the development of prototypes of communication expressions and products
  • user testing using both self-reporting and psychophysiological measuring instruments (such as eye-tracking)

Notable projects

Brand without pack


The reduction and sustainability of (redundant or single-use) packaging is a complex issue with many considerations.As a brand, a communications professional or a designer, how do you catch the partial or total loss of that physically present user experience, image and brand position? We want to inform, inspire and provide visual designers and communication professionals with tools to overcome communication stumbling blocks.

Better Esports Analytics for Teams


The BEAT (Better Esports Analytics for Teams) project explores how game metrics can provide new solutions to support esports teams before, during and after matches.

VIDA: Video & Activate


Until now, there has been little knowledge about the design, distribution and activation of corporate videos and about the perspective of its audience. This research will fill in this gap by examining the formal differences (e.g. narrative structure, genre, length, image format...) and differences in activation.




With support from the Industrial Research Fund, the AI4UX project is exploring how AI can be used to automatically detect relevant user patterns in data. This allows to improve user experience and personalize digital applications based on usage.

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