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Business and Law Research

BRON stands for Business & Recht (Applied Law) Onderzoek (Research). BRON is the Dutch word for SOURCE. That is exactly what we want to be: a SOURCE of inspiration, advice, collaboration and expertise for SME's looking for progress in the fields of sustainable entrepreneurship, digital transformation and/or smart supply chain management. As an independant non-commercial research and expertise center, BRON can guide and support contemporary entrepreneurs by increasing awareness, facilitating knowledge transfer and sharing expertise.

At the research and expertise center Business and Law you can find research and services within 3 thematic spearheads:

  • Digital transformation
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Smart Supply Chain Management

In each of these spearheads, we consider both the position of the employer and the position of the employee, as well as the perspective of the consumer/user. In striving to optimize business processes, the workplace and the workforce, we use 'sustainability' as an overarching principle. Finally, the legal framework in which companies and organizations and their employees operate is also an important domain within our center.

Notable projects

DIVA: Digital Value

This study aims to convince and inform entrepreneurs about priority decisions in the digital transformation process.

Future-Fit B2B

A study into the purchasing behavior of sustainable products and services and the associated marketing in a B2B context within the food service sector.

Green report

We are developing a tool with which managers of smaller logistics companies can measure the sustainability impact of their activities with as little effort as possible and compare it with their historical evolution and with other sector peers.

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Research Coordinator

Milenka Segers