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Research and services

AP University College provides a stimulating home for all research in diverse study areas in 4 departments and 2 Schools of Arts. This great variety of disciplines offers a wide range of possibilities for the development of multidisciplinary research.

Research Policy

Diversity in AP’s research projects is even more enhanced since the practice-based scientific research and the artistic research both have their own specific characteristics.

Nevertheless, the following general principles apply for all research at AP:

  • Both the artistic and practice-based research start from a definition of a problem related to the actual artistic or professional practice.
  • Research leads to innovating insights (artistic, professional, and sometimes also theoretical and methodological) which can be discussed in a dialogue with peers.
  • There is a strong connection between research and education, since research results and methods are integrated in the curricula. Teachers develop their professional knowledge and research competences by doing research. Additionally, students’ research skills improve by assisting in ongoing research projects. Finally, the research infrastructure is also useful for educational purposes.


Researchers at AP University College intensively collaborate with companies and institutions in their fields. This intensive collaboration ensures that the results and output of research projects find their way to professionals in the field. It also improves the relation between research and services at AP University College.

Science Communication

AP is also involved in science communication to the public. The Antwerp University Association organizes each year a Science Day with workshops and demonstrations given by researchers. AP also organizes STEM workshops for young children. In these workshops children are actively engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, coached by students of our Education & Training Department.


AP University College supports students who want to combine studying with starting their own business. AP provides information, network opportunities and tailor-made special facilities. Entrepreneurial students can also rely on TAKEOFFANTWERP, an alliance of the Antwerp University Association with the city of Antwerp. TAKEOFFANTWERP offers working space, seminars, coaching for starters and networking opportunities.

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