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Health and Life Sciences

The 'Health and Life Sciences' research group at AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts brings together 7 health education programmes who join forces in the pursuit of a future with

  • good physical and mental health for everyone
  • health professionals capable of providing quality care in an efficient and satisfying way.

We are working toward this through three thematic spearheads:

  1. Healthcare technology and E-health
  2. Health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation
  3. Mental health

We translate these spearheads into various national and international projects.

Notable projects

Simulation-based learning in occupational therapy


Development of a toolbox to implement simulation-based learning (SBL) in different stages of occupational therapy programs, in order to close the gap between theory and practice.



ENSURE will break the cycle of disadvantage which prevents vulnerable people from being socially included. In doing so it will ensure that this disadvantage does not repeat itself in future generations. 

Improvement of education and competences in dietetics


IMPECD will improve the quality of care provided by healthcare professionals in the area of dietetics through the development, evaluation and implementation of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) with

TC Nurse


This project addresses cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, and promotes ownership of shared values, equality, non-discrimination and social inclusion through education and training at higher education level.

SHIFT - Sexual health in the Over Forty-Fives

There is a lack of knowledge/tools for health services on sexual health of over 45s and of socio-economically disadvantaged groups. This is due to these groups not necessarily perceiving a need for services due to lack of knowledge and the taboo nature of the subject, so the rationale of the SHIFT project is to show that these groups have a need and should be able to access services. This answers the research question how to engage people aged 45+ and of socio-economically disadvantaged groups in sexual health and wellbeing.


Becoming a parent is an exciting time that brings many challenges affecting parents’ mental health: illnesses such as postnatal depression are not always recognized and treated. PATH will enable women, families and healthcare professionals to prevent, diagnose and successfully manage mild to moderate perinatal mental health illnesses via prepared parenting, leading to happier and healthier families.



The project's approach is based on the mission to improve people's health through better eating habits and physical activity. 


TraINErS will develop innovative learning opportunities in intercultural nursing communication by supporting nursing educators as well as students in acquiring and further developing the required skills and competences to become interculturally proficient professionals. 


With this project, we want to prepare (future) caregivers for the future through simulation environments. 

INPRO - Interprofessionalism in action!


We aim to deliver a range of learning materials, from modules on theory to guidelines on how to set up and run a student-run interprofessional learning ward in a rehabilitation centre.

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