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Education-innovation focuses on the equal educational opportunities of students in and outside the metropolitan context and strives to be the connecting partner for the international education field for practice-based research and the services that result from it.

By focusing on effectiveness, innovation and authentic relationships in learning, we make a sustainable difference for and with every stakeholder in education.

We are:

  • an accessible center for every stakeholder; 
  • the pivot in a learning network that makes research accessible and strengthens knowledge sharing;  
  • a partner of pupils, students, teachers and other stakeholders looking for answers to current questions in education;  
  • an inspiration for leading training of critical teachers who can make a difference in a diverse changing society;
  • provider of relevant and concretely useful offerings for practitioners. 

Notable projects

Digital TA

With this project, we are developing a new model of digital teacher education. The digital platform will focus on the transition from teachers in training to starting teachers. Here we put a strong emphasis on the follow-up of the personal challenges, in function of the guidance process of the teacher. This always in consultation with teacher training programs on the one hand and the schools in which the teachers work on the other.


The T-ACT project aims to improve competences of SE-educators, learners resilience and active social engagement. The project will develop a model to scaffold teaching competences for active citizenship and information-literacy by providing high-quality teaching support and digital learning resources. The focus lies on the design of comprehensive learning across the curriculum and will establish training intervention points alongside the continuous progression.


This research project focuses on gaining theoretical and empirical understanding of the impact of team teaching. Team teaching is a collaborative teaching model in which two or more teachers work together in the preparation, teaching and/or evaluation of a lesson/subject. Despite the popularity of team teaching as a promising strategy - both in research and in teaching practice - there is scant empirical evidence convincingly demonstrating the effectiveness of team teaching.

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Research coordinator

Jan Ardies