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Let's Go Virtual

As of September 2019, AP University of Applied Sciences wants to establish an Immersive Lab, a centre of expertise that stimulates knowledge and research on immersive media. From the multidisciplinary research project Show & Tell, expertise arose on Virtual Reality for journalistic and artistic purposes. The Let's Go Virtual project gives a boost to this expansion of knowledge by learning through VR. Almost every Flemish university college experiments with VR in education. Rightly so, because young people are increasingly visually oriented. However, there is a lack of qualitative Dutch-language VR content. The Department of Science & Technology (WT) of AP University College wants to change this and create VR lessons for the course Integral Safety (IV). After all, it is important that students from this study programme remain calm in dangerous situations, ranging from calamities, fire, hazardous substances, to working at heights. Learning to observe in a virtual and safe environment can contribute to this.

This educational content can be an added value on the one hand because VR transcends the 2D environment (drawings, books, web) and on the other hand because it provides a more immersive, realistic experience. On the other hand, VR allows you to explore places you normally cannot go, you can create more situations and you can mimic dangerous actions without risk. In this way, the impact of unsafe situations can be fully simulated. The output of this case will be implemented in the Integral Safety course and in the Provincial Safety Institute (PVI).