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Study in Antwerp

Antwerp is THE place to be for students. That's not just our humble opinion, but that of the nearly 50.000 students who call Antwerp home. Each year more and more students find their way to Antwerp. And it's easy to see why ...

5 reasons why you should study in Antwerp

1. Antwerp is home to 500.000 citizens and more than 170 different nationalities. Though the city may be pocket-sized compared to New York or London, it has an equally strong international reputation. Antwerp’s port, diamond district and fashion scene are just a few examples of our worldwide claim to fame. 

2. Nearly 50.000 students also call Antwerp home. Though we may not be the largest student city in Flanders, we certainly are the most popular. Antwerp has ranked as the fastest growing student city in Flanders for several years in a row. 

3. In its own unique way Antwerp combines cosmopolitan allure with the cosiness of a smalltown city. Thanks to its central location and compact size, Antwerp is easy to access and get around. You’ll find everything on your doorstep: shops, museums, parks, bars and restaurants … And if you want to go and explore more of Belgium or Europe: many hotspots are just a few hours away. 

4. Although the largest student population can be found in and around the old university district, students in Antwerp live and study scattered throughout the city and mix & mingle freely with the locals. 

5. Antwerp has its very own student community STAN which guides you through the fun and more serious sides of student life in Antwerp. STAN is even run by students and organises some of the hottest student initiatives in Antwerp such as StuDay (kick-off party for the academic year), Study360 (study spots on unique locations), … 

So spoiler alert: there's a big chance that you will not want to leave ... 😉 

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