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Circular Innovationlab

The Circular Innovationlab is a dynamic research group with a strong focus on the circular transition of the local field. Circular economy is the key to reducing the negative impact of human activities on the environment and using resources more efficiently. It is about closing the cycle of materials and reducing waste. We understand the importance of this transition and aim to provide local governments and SMEs with practical tools and methods to embrace the circular transition.

We will work specifically on the following themes:

  • Circular construction: Reducing the environmental impact of the construction sector through reuse of materials, energy efficiency and sustainable construction methods.
  • Sustainable energy transition: Promoting the use of renewable energy sources and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Circularity in manufacturing: Encouraging circular strategies in companies specialising in machinery and professional electronics.

Notable project

Within a Local Energy Community (LEC), two or more digital meters of LEC members can be offset against each other to form a single net consumption. This is an administrative procedure: one kilowatt-hour generated but not consumed at location X can be represented by one token. By transferring these tokens to another member within the LEC (member Y), Y's meter reading can be reduced by 1 kilowatt hour. It is therefore not about the physical exchange of energy, but about the exchange of representations (tokens) of energy in an administrative process.The research group is testing a blockchain application to facilitate this transaction with smart contracts. Thus, surplus energy can be exchanged decentrally, peer-to-peer.

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Research Coordinator

Karolien Van Riel