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Expertise centre LEERT! focuses on the equal educational opportunities of pupils in and outside the metropolitan context and strives to be the connecting partner for practice-oriented research and the resulting services for the international educational field. 


  • an accessible centre for everyone involved

  • the ash in a learning network that makes research accessible and strengthens knowledge sharing

Coördinator Onderzoek: Jan Ardies
Coördinator Maatschappelijke dienstverlening: Iris Vanderavert

Sabrina Govaerts

Sabrina Govaerts conducts research on self-regulated learning, soft skills, learning motivation and workplace learning within the Research Center Lifelong Learning and Innovation (OLLI/RELLI).

After completing a teacher training program in primary education (Hogeschool Antwerpen) in 2005, Sabrina worked for more than 10 years as a teacher and pupil counselor.


Yasmine Wauthier

Yasmine Wauthier works as a researcher in the Research Group Lifelong Learning and Innovation (OLLI) and the Immersive Lab research group of the AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp.

So far, her work life has taken several detours into different sectors and subjects. Because everything is interesting. Several themes recur: education, psychology, and technology.


Astrid Koelman

Astrid Koelman is committed to self regulated learning and social & academic integration in higher education students, but is also an expert on preschool education.

Astrid graduated as a primary school teacher in 1998 (Hogeschool Inholland, the Netherlands). Subsequently, she started studying pedagogical sciences at the VU Amsterdam, where she graduated in 2002 as a master in educational pedagogy.


Amber Hoefkens

Amber Hoefkens is professionally passionate about learning analytics, data visualization, data literacy and soft skills.

Amber is a researcher within the Research Center Lifelong Learning and Innovation (OLLI/RELLI), where she is also coordinator of the center of expertise 'Learning and development with the help of data'.


Hassan Haddouchi

Inspired by technology and artificial intelligence, Hassan graduated as a civil engineer. Subsequently, he worked on several projects with a focus on artificial intelligence and gamification, including a project in collaboration with Brussels universities and the EU to combat burnouts and bore-outs among young people. He also obtained his degree in Business Management at the Solvay Business School.

Royal Academy Antwerp

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Laura Herrewijn

Laura Herrewijn (PhD in the Social Sciences: Communication Sciences) is researcher at the AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp and guest professor at the University of Antwerp.

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