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The Start’Ship-project aims to develop and foster learner’s entrepreneurial and innovation skills through practical experiences taking the forms of hackathons, practical training, and pitch competitions. These skills are more often positively stimulated through collaborative and challenging methods which force the learners to think outside the box and question their knowledge. Entrepreneurial skills are better developed when real case-models are used, which allow the learners to use real-life-mechanisms to solve or treat an issue.

The overall goals of the Start’Ship project are

  • to raise awareness to the careers of entrepreneurs and start-ups for different profiles;
  • to develop and reinforce student’s entrepreneurial and innovation skills; 
  • but also to provide new and innovative methods of teaching entrepreneurship skills while promoting inclusiveness and diversity.

Overall, this project’s goal is help support the creation new start-ups in the field of health-nutrition-longevity and others

The Start’Ship project will implement 3 main activities:

  1. StudentsXStudents Entrepreneurs Hackathons that will enhance collaborative works between groups of students;
  2.  A dual training session on the key topics related to entrepreneurship as well as practical soft skills that will be tested in a pitch competition;
  3. a StudentsXStartups Hackathon that will allow students to work in teams with actual start-ups and real-life projects.

The project’s is expected to deliver the following results:

  • A series of creativity workshops to reinforce the collaboration between students and professionals;
  • Three student-led hackathons;
  • A dual training session on the essential knowledge related to entrepreneurship as well as a soft skills training;
  • Four local pitch competitions, with an additional hybrid European Pitch Competition;
  • Three hackathons based on real-life startup projects.