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Laura Herrewijn

Laura Herrewijn (PhD in the Social Sciences: Communication Sciences) is researcher at the AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp and guest professor at the University of Antwerp.

Her expertise is situated in the domain of digital, interactive media (with a specialization in digital games and virtual reality) and how they can be designed and used for entertainment (taking into account usability and user experience, principles of storytelling, etcetera), education (for example, the teaching of knowledge and skills, the giving of feedback) and persuasive communication (for example, the changing of attitudes and/or behavior). 

As a researcher at the AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp, she works on the research projects “Merging Realities” (VR & AR as persuasive tools for creating awareness about public and nonprofit challenges), “LAP!’ (Evidence-informed development of a Learning Analytics dashboard at the AP University), “Steunpunt Centrale Toetsen” (Development of standardized and validated cross-network tests in Flanders), and “VIDA: VIDeo en Activatie” (The use of video in a process of cross-medial production and activation). 

In the past, she also worked on the research projects “GIDZ” (Guest orientation in healthcare), “Custom Magazines” (Custom Magazines, carefully considered and weighed. The functions and strategies of custom magazines from a twosided perspective) and “ALLemaal CONTENT” (To a typology of content producers).