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Living Lab Media XR & 5G


The Living Lab Media XR and 5G (Howest & AP University of Applies Sciences and Arts, 2023-3025) aims to introduce Flemish media companies (TV, radio, print, online), XR and advertising agencies, event organizers and telecom operators to the possibilities of new XR content ("extended reality") and advertising and cross-media formats made possible thanks to 5G. The 3-year project thus responds to the strong changes in the consumption behavior of media users, especially among younger audiences (Generation Z). Various media companies want a rejuvenation of the viewing public, which is why it is important to appeal to Gen Z through formats that use new digital technologies, among other things. In function of this objective, 5 cases will be developed which will be demonstrated to the target audience.

Problem statement

The digitization of the media landscape continues apace over the past decade. Not only do we watch linear television at home, we consume media non-linearly - anytime anyplace - via online video and streaming. According to a large-scale AP survey of 908 Flemish people (Heirman, 2020), the Flemish viewer is now also ready for the next step: Extended Reality (XR) in the media. A similar digital evolution occurred within print media. Today, Flemish media players are facing major challenges, such as declining advertising revenues and maintaining ratings or subscribers.

Innovation goal

"How can traditional media players broaden and connect their target audiences through new forms of media content and advertising and cross-media formats created thanks to eXtended Reality (XR)?" In the Living Lab, we are developing new forms of XR that until now could only be experienced on powerful computers in a fixed location. Thanks to 5G networks, heavier and imaginative XR content with low latency can be distributed to audiences in a variety of settings and locations.

The innovation goal is broken down into 3 measurable objectives:

  • Radar function: We bundle information around XR and 5G for media (e.g. opportunities, barriers, cybersecurity, international XR cases demonstrating added value of 5G within media).
  • Advice function: We are the point of contact for questions around media XR/5G and fulfill a matchmaking function between media companies, XR and advertising agencies, event organizers and telecom operators.
  • Inspiration function: Together with the guidance group, we develop 5 documented business cases tailored to the local needs of our Flemish media players.

These 3 objectives will be achieved after the project duration through 7 KPIs:

  • Needs analysis: 55 companies participating in this survey.
  • Business cases: development of 5 business cases; illustrations of possible cases.
  • Guidance group: 30 participating companies (partners Guidance group).
  • Guidance: max 30 individual consultations (partners Guidance Group).
  • Implementation: 15 implementations at companies.
  • Activities: 600 participants in activities, 30 tours of the 2 Living Labs.
  • Knowledge sharing: 60 blog posts, 3 press releases and 15 press mentions.
More info

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