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Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp aims to educate enthusiastic and talented people to become creative, professional musicians and performing artists with great autonomy and personality, able to slot into the contemporary socio-cultural and artistic frame of reference.

The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp offers opportunities for extensive artistic cross-pollination, as courses in the three performing arts, as well as teacher training, are all grouped on the International Arts Campus deSingel. The partnership with deSingel ensures a unique exchange of talent, art and knowledge that supports and fosters a strong international profile. Creativity and artistry can only exist where there is room for communication, research and awareness. You can read short introductions to these various courses below, or check out the website of the Conservatoire.

Bachelor of Dance (no formal language requirements - Dutch or English-speaking students)

The Dance programme consists of three varied, professional, and competency-focused years of study. Students will be confronted with different styles of contemporary dance, choreographers and artists. These encounters will encourage them to become dancers with their own authentic personality. As a contemporary dancer, they are capable of redefining rather than duplicating. The programme maintains lively contact with international dance companies and organisations. Students will also collaborate with other disciplines such as music, theatre and visual arts.

Bachelor and Master of Drama (Dutch speaking students only)

The Drama programme consists of an academic Bachelor’s (180 credits) and Master’s (60 credits) degree. From the start, the student chooses a specialisation in acting, singer-song writing, media, writing or performance art. The majority of teachers are important players in the field of contemporary theatre or arts in Flanders and beyond. This solid anchorage in the profession guarantees continuous innovation and new ideas as well as a strong connection of the graduates with the national and international art scene.

Bachelor and Master of Music (no formal language requirements - Dutch or English-speaking students)

The Music programme consists of an academic Bachelor’s (180 credits) and Master’s (120 credits) degree and trains independent and creative musicians to master their main discipline: instrumental, singing, conducting, composing, music theory/harmony and counterpoint, music education or jazz and popular music. The programme guides students in the development of an artistic identity. It addresses and provides guidance on how to create interdisciplinary projects, shape their own artistic project and manage the aspects of communication, promotion and public relations.

Specific Teacher Training Dance/ Drama/ Music (Dutch speaking students only)

The teacher training programmes in dance, drama and music guide the student into becoming an artistic teacher with competences to work with very specific target groups ranging from preschool children to professional artists. Also in different settings such as art schools, regular/private schools, community art,… . Students are challenged to match their artistic identity with methodological and pedagogical insights in (art) education and to develop a personal vision and style of teaching. The programmes provide a theoretical foundation with emphasis on practical-based learning. Students will collaborate interdisciplinary as well. It is a full-time, one-year programme (60 credits), but can also be followed part-time, spread over two or more years and can therefore be combined with practicing art.

The arts campus offers unique opportunities to collaborate with musicians, actors, dancers and other artists. It is an international creative space in which students can explore the contemporary role of art.