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Admission requirements for a master programme

What admission and language requirements do you have to meet to enrol in a academic masters programme at AP?

General admission requirements

To enrol in an artistic (educational) master programme of AP, you must be in possession of a diploma of an academic bachelor programme with a corresponding competence profile. You can find more information on the admission requirements of the artistic master programmes on the page of your chosen programme (


Language requirements

In order to be able to enrol for a professional or academic master programme at AP, you must meet the general admission requirements and have sufficient knowledge of Dutch. You have sufficient knowledge of Dutch if you:

  • have successfully completed at least one year of secondary education in Dutch, or
  • you have successfully completed a programme or one or more programme components with a total study load of at least 60 credits in Dutch-language higher education, or
  • can produce one of the following language certificates: 
    • ITNA-certificaat (Interuniversitaire Taaltest Nederlands voor Anderstaligen) 
    • Attest richtgraad 3 van een CVO (Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs): ofwel 2 deelattesten van richtgraad 3 van elk 120 lestijden (3.1 mondeling en 3.2 schriftelijk) ofwel één opleidingsattest van de volledige richtgraad 3 van 240 lestijden. 
    • Atlas - Civiele test Nederlands B2 / Certificerende taaltest Nederlands B2 
    • Attest B2 van CNaVT 
    • Nederlands Staatsexamen NT2 II   

Online language tests, such as ELAO, are not sufficient. 

Please note:

This language requirement does not apply to the academic master programme Music.

To enrol for the English-language academic Master of Fine Arts, you must have sufficient knowledge of English. More information about this can be found on the website of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Programme register (