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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp provides the challenging environment for the soon-to-be designer or artist who wants a very individual and personal artistic education.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp offers a bachelor and master programme in Visual Arts with different courses going from the Fine arts (Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, In situ³) and Photography, to the more design oriented courses Graphic design, Jewellery Design and Gold- and Silversmithing, Fashion and Costume design. Supported by theoretical courses, drawing and observation our students work in all these courses towards the development of a personal artistic practice. You can read short introductions to these various courses below, or check out the website of the Academy.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Costume Design

Students following the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Costume Design course are given an extensive theoretical background ensuring they have a broad vision of the medium ‘theatre’ in all of its aspects. This coupled with practical exercises, workshops and projects/internships means students get a short but intensive training in theatre costume design. In the (fourth) MASTER year, the students are able to create a master project presenting, in public, their personal artistic interpretation/vision of the medium THEATRE and PERFORMANCE.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Fashion (not for exchange students)

Fashion Design at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading programmes. The fashion programme at the Antwerp Academy emphasises the development of an artistic and innovative fingerprint. Students will be encouraged to work with new forms, original remakes of materials and alternative, creative processes. As a soon-to-be fashion designer, students are challenged with new and unexpected experiences. Through the years, many graduates have earned international renown due to their artistic and personal characteristic fashion designs.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Fine Arts In Situ³

In Situ3 is an open study programme which emphasises two principles: the specific situation and the individual approach. The students investigate various sites, their historic, social and aesthetic context and experiment with diverse materials and techniques. Each academic year starts with a workshop abroad that is followed up during the year with visits to exhibitions and other cultural events.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Fine Arts Painting

This course is a balance between ‘language proficiency’ and personal artistic experience and development. The Bachelor’s degree is based chiefly on working from observation such as still life, figure, portrait and landscape.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Fine Arts Printmaking

Practicing printmaking as a high-level set of skills, students are stimulated to apply it as a contemporary visual language expressing their personal artistic research. Students will acquire all the printmaking techniques needed to build a strong technical background enabling them to ‘think through print’. Topics such as intaglio, block printing, lithography and silkscreen are some of those included.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Fine Arts Sculpture

To develop a thorough coordination of hand, eye and body actions is crucial to discover the true creative potential of sculpture. More than creating a mimetic representation of reality, students will be challenged to articulate a highly personal artistic strategy. One of the main studio subjects is composition. The aim of composition is to help students detach from the formal limitations of figure study. This allows them to develop and sharpen their artistic scope, be it in a more figurative realm or another direction. During the master programme, students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to address an autonomous artistic proposal and translate it into a cohesive (sculptural) body of work.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Graphic Design

The Graphic Design department emphasises the interaction and relationship between different artistic disciplines including layout, illustration, multimedia, typography, photography and drawing. Students deepen their knowledge and understanding of graphic design by doing practical assignments, workshops and exercises while studying the discipline’s history, digital techniques and production. They also take part in an internship to gain experience.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Jewellery Design and Gold and Silversmithing

This programme is a platform for exploring creativity and design through the subject of jewellery. With a focus on production techniques we work in a variety of materials including precious metals, synthetics, wood and textiles. In a structured curriculum, we provide affective learning blocks for both making and designing, during which students are expected to develop their individual creative identity. We invite guest lecturers, give workshops and arrange visits to symposiums and exhibitions across Europe to cultivate a good understanding of the broad spectrum of jewellery design in a contemporary world.

Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts – Photography

The department of Photography aspires to form artists/photographers by making them conscious of technical, conceptual and aesthetical aspects of the medium. Professionals with an active career in the field will guide you through creative processes. Theoretical and critical courses are aimed to familiarise students with historical and contemporary photographic practices and technologies. Through producing, presenting and interpreting images, students develop an authentic voice. Alumni of our department find their way as autonomous artists, free-lance photographers, curators, critics or educators.