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Student life

AP has several campuses in the heart of the city. Antwerp is the capital city of the province of Antwerp, one of the five provinces of Flanders - the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

Living in Antwerp means enjoying Flemish hospitality as well as taking part in the academic life. Paying a visit to other historically interesting cities such as Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Ypres and Leuven is highly recommended. Distances between cities are small and public transport is easy.

International standards

Antwerp has a lot to offer. It is the economic heart of Belgium thanks to the international port. Moreover, since the end of the nineteenth century, it has been one of the most important centres of the diamond industry. Antwerp also features the Flanders Fashion Institute, one of Europe's leading fashion institutes.

Getting around

In terms of culture, Antwerp is world-famous because of its renowned painters P. P. Rubens, Anthony Van Dijck and Jacob Jordaens. Our institution's name is a double reference to the art history of Antwerp: ARTesis and Plantijn. Plantijn Moretus started a printing company in Antwerp in 1555 and is recognised as one of the most famous printers of that time.

Besides the medieval city centre with its magnificent gothic cathedral and picturesque narrow streets and squares, Antwerp boasts several interesting neighbourhoods for aficionados of modern fashion, Art Nouveau and Bauhaus architecture, as well as numerous old and new cafés and restaurants.

Antwerp student organisation STAN

STAN is a group of enthusiastic people who will serve as your guide to student life in Antwerp in every possible way.

STAN tells you all you want to know about the Antwerp student life or refers you to the correct person to help you out. You can find the information:

  • At the info desk at GATE15;
  • In digital form via the website;
  • In info guides such as Student Guide and Student ​Walkabouts (available at GATE15).
Events for students


Every year, STAN and its partners welcome all (new) students on StuDay. The theme of the opening party of the academic year will be music, sports, info and culture.  Make sure to save the date in your agenda: the last Thursday of September!

Facilities for students

On request of students, STAN provides all kinds of facilities in its brand new location. Antwerp students can benefit from these facilities for free or at very student-friendly prices:

  • computer room
  • free WIFI
  • study or work in the Tarmac (can be booked for all sorts of activities)
  • free meeting space for students and partners