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Bachelor programmes in Dutch

These bachelor programmes are mainly organized in Dutch. For programmes for foreign students taught in English, please check out our Exchange programmes.

Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

This stimulating 3-year programme focuses on training in mobile development, IT business applications and software engineering.

Bachelor of Applied Psychology

This broad programme allows students to develop into an all-round bachelor in applied psychology, with a main orientation into one of the following domains: clinical psychology, occupational psychology and educational psychology. In the first year, students acquire a theoretical base in psychology and related fields. Psychological techniques are introduced as well as a first discovery of the potential future work environment though a brief internship. In the second year, the 3 fields become more prominent and theoretical knowledge and practical skills are deepened and broadened, coupled with a more expanded internship. During the final year, integration of competencies is core, focusing on the final internship (local or international) and the bachelor thesis.

Bachelor after bachelor in Autism Spectrum Disorder

In the Bachelor after bachelor in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) we provide a wide range of knowledge in how to approach autism. The human development is the starting point. We explain what autism can mean within human development in order to explain the impact of this disorder on the individual. We offer scientific insights based on recent research, we share the vision of life counselling and support of people with ASD throughout all transitions in life.

Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology

This Bachelor’s degree allows you to follow a carefully thought out study programme focusing on areas such as pharmaceutical, biological and medical laboratory technology. You are trained in both research and practical skills.

Bachelor of Business Management – Accountancy and Tax

During this course, you will be educated in finance and insurance, marketing management, logistics management and IT management focusing on three pillars: accountancy, company law and Belgian tax law.

Bachelor of Business Management – Finance and Insurance

You will be educated in the areas of accountancy, marketing management, logistics management and IT management. The 6 semesters are built around three pillars of study: banking, investment management and insurance services.

Business Management – International Entrepreneurship

This programme makes you a business manager that is fluent in languages. An internship in Hamburg? A graduation project in Milan? Of course! If you really would like to get the most out of this study programme, you definitely should travel abroad.

Bachelor of business management – Logistics Management

This programme will educate you in marketing management, finance and insurance, communications management and IT management with a strong focus on international logistics as well.

Bachelor of business management – Marketing

During this course, you will be educated in logistics management, finance and insurance, communications management and IT management with a strong focus on developing a strategic/ tactical marketing plan for SMEs.

Bachelor of business management – Paralegal Studies

This study programme consists of an intensive, unique curriculum educating you in business law, crime and justice (academic), crime and justice police, real estate and social law combined with a work placement within Flanders.

Bachelor of chemistry

During this course you will look at the areas of Biochemistry and Process Technology and will be trained to perform chemical analysis, organic synthesis and development of new materials.

Bachelor of communication management

Benefitting from our department’s 30 years of experience in communication training, you will acquire the basic knowledge and skills in communication before progressing to a more intensive study programme. Upon graduating you will be able to follow a career path in either commercial communication or public relations.

Bachelor of Electromechanics

You follow a practice-oriented 3-year education and qualify as Bachelor of Electromechanics. You can choose between 5 graduate options: Automation, HVAC (Heating, Ventilations, Air, Conditioning and Cooling), Industrial Maintenance, Process Automation or Technical and Commercial Advisor. Classical lessons are more and more replaced by projects, which leads to a more practical, fun and challenging experience. You will learn by ‘hands on experience’ to use talents and insights in a project from a real working environment.

Bachelor of Electronics-ICT

You follow a practice-oriented 3-year education and qualify as Bachelor of Electronics-ICT. This programme has a strong focus on web and software development, embedded and smart connected hardware/systems and network/system engineering.

Bachelor of Energy Management

You follow a practice-oriented 3-year education and qualify as Bachelor of Energy Management. You are trained to make decisions in both industrial and domestic installations based on technical knowledge, financial considerations and energy / CO2 balances. The installation of chosen equipment is also part of the course.

Bachelor of Graphical and Digital Media

After a first year obtaining a firm background in both the digital and print perspective, you can choose between Cross Media Design or Graphical Media Technology. You are trained to write software for smartphones, kiosks, digicorders and robots. There is also attention for how to develop business applications and other software products such as games, websites, tools and add-ons.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

The 3-year Hotel Management programme consists of 4 modules per year that provide you intensive training in managerial positions within the hospitality sector. Graduates of this programme can go on to have varied careers in sales & marketing, PR, reception work, management and many more areas. You are encouraged to travel abroad for practical work as languages are seen as an import asset.

Bachelor of Integral Safety

You follow a practice-oriented 3-year education and qualify as Bachelor of Integrated Safety. You are trained to manage organisations (industry, public, governmental,...) to achieve their goals in safe working with respect for the environment and for the health of all people involved in the activities. During this education you will obtain not only a degree but also 3 important Belgian certificates in integrated safety.

Bachelor after bachelor Intensive Care and Emergency Care

This further education after the bachelor in nursing specialises in the treatment of critical patients with trauma, respiratory, paediatric or cardiovascular problems or metabolic failure. Moreover, students learn to act competently in disaster situations. Students complete an internship of 450 hours in intensive care and emergency care.

Bachelor of journalism

AP University College’s Journalism programme opts to focus its training on the journalist in general rather than specialised subjects. You will gain experience and knowledge in cross-media, internationalisation city journalism and digital publications while improving your writing, researching and general journalism skills.

Bachelor of Midwifery

Over a period of 3 fulltime years, motivated and talented midwifery students are challenged and educated in the reproductive health domain. They will look at normality of pregnancy and childbirth, but are also immersed in pathology and critical care in midwifery. More than halve of this study program is filled with practical training, both simulation-based as practice based (national and international) traineeships in all midwifery domains. When successful, a European degree is rewarded!

Bachelor of nursing

This 4-year bachelor’s degree successfully trains you in nursing using an on-going alternation of theory and practical work. The programme contains a wide nursing spectrum: acute and chronic care, primary health care, mental health, paediatric and geriatric nursing. In the fourth year we offer an extra focus on disaster management and pharmacology. 2,300 hours of the study program are filled with internships (both national and international).

Bachelor of nutrition and Dietetics

You are trained to become nutritionist-dieticians, which is a paramedic profession with a protected title by Belgian law. You learn all steps in the dietetic care process. You perform nutritional or dietary assessments and give correct nutritional advice to patients. You will also participate in the development of health promotion campaigns and can become food and quality managers in the food industry.

Bachelor of occupational therapy

This 3 year programme gives students a broad understanding of occupation and the unique integration of empirical and phenomenological knowledge from social, technological, human, biological and life sciences. The evaluation process is done through regular examinations and continuous tasks. Students complete a minimum of 1.000 hours of fieldwork placements beginning in the first year. The programme concentrates on 4 fields: mental healthcare, developmental disorders, fysical rehabilitation and geriatrics.

Bachelor of office management

You will be trained in a variety of areas including international business, sales, HRM and medical management assistance. These skills are important in many office management roles and you are guaranteed to leave your studies as a competent knowledgeable individual.

Bachelor of real estate

This Bachelor offers studies in Real Estate Management and Land Surveying. Students who choose for Land Surveying are trained in 4 subject areas: construction, law, land surveying and interdisciplinary courses. You are trained to obtain strong analytical skills, technical competences and an understanding of the tools necessary to perform in today’s complex real estate industry.

Bachelor of Social Educational Care Work

During the first year of this course, you will focus on creating a wide knowledge base of Social Educational Care Work and other relevant areas. Throughout the second year, you will specialise in either children or adults and complete your first internship. As the third year progresses, you will choose between four options (community care, intercultural work, educational support or elderly in society) wherein you will complete another internship of 608 hours and will work on a group project and take an international study trip connected to a research question.

Bachelor of Social Work

This study programme offers 3 fields of specialisation: social (case) work, social cultural work and human resources. You are trained to become competent social workers capable of working within vastly diverse situations through a mixture of theory and practical studies. You take part in work placements giving you the opportunity to develop professional skills and reflect on your future professional role.

Bachelor of Teacher Education: Pre-Primary Education

This course is perfectly designed for those who enjoy working with pre-schoolers and toddlers and love bringing the best out in children while educating them.

Bachelor of Teacher Education: Primary Education

This course is designed for those who were born to teach young children and want to help children develop and see them beam with pride as they conquer a difficult task.

Bachelor of Teacher Education: Secondary Education

If you know how to capture a teenager’s attention and want to play an important role in the development and growth of children as they progress through their childhood into their adult years, then this is the course for you.