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This South Initiative project starts from a recent collaboration between ISA, Universidad de las Artes (Art Academy in Havana) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (part of AP University College) and will focus on the development of the Cuba Photography Missions (C.P.M.: social-documentary photography projects related to tangible and intangible heritage researched in healthcare, education, urbanization, ...) and on the collaboration between Cuban and Belgian photographers in which students will be involved. A Photography Research Center (P.R.C.) will be implemented at the Fototeca de Cuba (photography museum in Havana) where the photographers will exchange experience (intervisions). Workshops for art students and a public symposium will be organized at ISA with lectures by the 8 participating photographers and international specialists in the history of photography. The project is summarized in this mindmap.

Flemish promoter: Bert Danckaert
Local promotor: Ossain Raggi Gonzalez

Participating photographers: Bert Danckaert (B), Charlotte Lybeer (B), Ulla Deventer (D), Simon Roberts (UK), Ossain Raggi Gonzalez (Cub), Linet Sanchez (Cub), Nelson Ramirez de Arellano (Cub), Ricardo Elías (Cub).

  • Exhibitions
    • CC Mechelen: Spring 2022
    • Nationaal Museum Of Fine Arts, Havana: Fall 2022
  • Book:
    Cuba Photography Missions - Where are you from? (more information)