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Remote Applied Process


The border region (Belgium and the Netherlands) contains one of the largest clusters of processing industry in the world. Large companies and their local suppliers and customers are mainly looking for technical profiles. However, the labor market within this sector is struggling with some obstacles. Despite efforts by technical training centers such as STC (NL) and ACTA (VL), there remains an imbalance in the labor market:

  • Not enough technical profiles graduate due to 'green picking': young people within technical training programs are hired by companies before they have obtained their degree.
  • Moreover, the sector is technology-driven and rapidly evolving: to maintain training courses and installations up to date in order to be able to offer a realistic simulated learning environment comes at a price.
  • A third obstacle is that this rapid progress also remains a major challenge for the companies themselven. Next to internal training or (expensive) brand-specific trainings, little exists to train employees

This project wants to optimize the match between labor demand and labor supply and improve the image of technological jobs in the industry. The project wants to appeal to young people from secondary and higher education, as well as 'lifelong learners'. The project offers teaching packages that are easily accessible and give a realistic picture of the industry using the latest evolutions in the industry such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and simulation (digital twins). The two project partners involved, Emerson-Rijswijk and AP University of Applied Sciences, are joining forces for this purpose and are explicitly focusing on remote teaching.

The teaching tool

The daily business of Applied Higher Education is providing practical basic-training for our future top-technicians. In a fast changing professional world “going back to the practical basics” is an important learning-step, that we, higher education, want to provide for Life-Long-Learners from the industry. That is why are developing a remote training course for companies and employees active in the fields of

  • measurement and control techniques,
  • engineering,
  • process-operation,
  • maintenance techniques,
  • ...

The first two trainig modules will be:

  • Industrial control-engineering: the basics
  • Industrial control-engineering: complex strategies

These courses are completed within 2 environments:

  1. An educational platform for the theoretical basis, course lay-out, course-tasks, course-tests and all necessary procedures
  2. An industrial control platform for testing of and being immersed in industrial control engineering

You preferably use a PC with dual screens for completing these courses comfortably.

Course Procedure:

  1. You start from module 1.

  2. When you have achieved a 80% score on level 1 testing, you receive access to the next module.

  3. If a certificate is needed, you can do the level2 testing within each module.

  4. You can access and complete the modules at any time, and any place.

  5. If needed you can send questions into the forum. You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

  6. At the end of a course, you will receive:

    1. a printout of your time in the course,

    2. all your module-test-results,

    3. a listing of your obtained certificates (if needed),

    4. a list of the learned skills.


How to enroll

  1. Your company (= your HR department has to register the company (see form)

  2. Your HR officer will receive an inscription-code

  3. With this code you can enroll for the course (this form will be online soon)
  4. Courses that can be followed:
    • Basic control engineering: connecting the basics to the daily practice
    • Complex control strategies: connecting the basics to the daily practice
    • Other yet to come

  5. You will receive log-in-credentials for both platforms, within 2 working days!

Register your company

Information message

We are still building the platform. Do you and your company want to be one of the first to test it and train your employees? 

Please let us know by filling in the form, and we will contact you as soon as the platform is ready for its first visitors (expected in October).