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Kyss - Kickstart Your Soft Skills



The KYSS-project focuses on the generic and the entrepreneurial soft skills. Especially young employees and entrepreneurs don’t always realise which skills employers and the business market perceive to be important. In addition, a significant part of them is not adequately able to regulate some of these generic and entrepreneurial working qualities. Soft skills have a great impact on the well-being of employees and entrepreneurs and mastering them leads to better coping with work, a longer working career and/or more successful business activities.
The partners perceive a need for an assessment-tool and effective (self)coaching methods that can already be used on the workplace, by intermediary target groups, or in higher education in the guidance of young adults, e.g. during internships and work-based learning. This to encourage youngsters and adults to further develop their generic and entrepreneurial soft skills, enhance their employability and labour integration. With these tools, the partners would be able to prepare young adults faster, better and wider on soft skills that are indispensable for proper functioning at the workplace. Another problem that needs attention in these matters is gender equality. Through the development of a self-assessment tool and a training methodology/platform, the partners will proactively pay attention to gender mainstreaming.

Target group

  • Students in higher education in preparation for their entrance in the labour market as employee or entrepreneur;
  • Jobseekers with a diploma secondary or tertiary education for their entrance in the labour market as employee or entrepreneur;
  • Intermediary target group: mentors, coaches and supervisors in education, the service sector and at the workplace.

Products, outputs, intended outcomes

  1. An online self-assessment tool with validated scales for a set of  generic soft skills, immediate feedback on the level of development of each of the soft skills, and eventually a report with results for a group of participants.
  2. Training and coaching methods.
  3. A manual for the intermediary target group in this interactive methodology; to be used in career counselling and development of soft skills in general.
  4. A general report with recommendations on the importance of soft skills and on the use of the implemented tools to strengthen soft skills.