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Peter David

Peter David is very committed to the successful transition from Secondary education to higher education or to the professional field and the transition from higher education to the professional field. Learning motivation, learning skills are crucial for success in higher education and the soft skills are also decisive for success in the workplace. The development of user-friendly sustainable digital tools that can support this process is his passion.

After a master's degree at the KUL in 1985 and a student educator degree, Peter followed a professional bachelor's degree in Accountancy and Taxation at UCCL. He later immersed himself in education policy and obtained a master's degree in Education Management in 2007 (UAntwerp).

He spent several years working in the international environment of development cooperation and had a varied educational career in secondary education, where he had various (management) positions. He also worked as a lecturer and coordinator of teacher training in adult education. He was active in the resonance committee about 'learning to learn'.

Since 2008, he has been working at AP Hogeschool on the development of the user-friendly digital tools Lemo I and II (about learning motivation and learning skills), Kickstart and KYSS (about soft skills). Other projects such as Dual Learning Go! and Skills Navigator and 360° learning are also in line with this theme.

His focus is the sustainable translation of educational research and innovation into concrete educational contexts and educational resources. Sustainable use is also crucial: process guidance and service for users is provided, among other things, by means of professionalization. He also keeps his finger on the pulse of secondary education by fulfilling there the part-time role of quality coordinator.