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Green report

Project description

On the one hand, the logistics sector is an important source of added value and employment for the Flemish economy, but on the other hand, it also generates large external costs, including polluting emissions, and contributes to climate change. Most actors in the sector are aware of this and therefore actively strive to reduce and even eliminate these unwanted side effects. The sector is characterized by some very large players with thousands of employees but at the same time many small players. The management of the latter group does not always have the time or the knowledge to give the attention to the sustainability transition they would like, and will need in the future.

We are developing a tool with which managers of smaller logistics companies can measure the sustainability impact of their activities with as little effort as possible and compare it with their historical evolution and with other sector peers. This can then also be used in the sustainability reporting that will become mandatory in the future, also for smaller companies. The tool should also support and motivate business leaders to concretize their sustainability strategy and identify critical pain points.