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Sabrina Govaerts

Sabrina Govaerts conducts research on self-regulated learning, soft skills, learning motivation and workplace learning within the Research Center Lifelong Learning and Innovation (OLLI/RELLI).

After completing a teacher training program in primary education (Hogeschool Antwerpen) in 2005, Sabrina worked for more than 10 years as a teacher and pupil counselor. Afterwards, as an education support worker, she coached both primary and secondary teachers in dealing with students with specific educational needs. In 2019, Sabrina graduated with honors as a master in Education and Educational Sciences (University of Antwerp) where she studied students' perceptions of inclusive education for her master's thesis.

In 2020, Sabrina started at AP Hogeschool. There she was able to take her first steps as a researcher in research topics such as self-regulated learning, workplace learning and learning motivation. Later on, the topic of soft skills also came her way. Within her various research projects, Sabrina tries to connect these topics, preferably through qualitative research.