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A way home

Authorities, providers and youngsters in youth care all over Europe are struggling with aftercare strategies. A more efficient preparation of life after the care is needed, and a better understanding of the specific needs of the youngsters by social institutions and public services, once they have left care. 
This project tackles those 2 aspects: 

  1. After Care Protocol: a set of quality standards and actions, that are imposed by the regulating youth care authority to all professional actors with responsibility to youth care users in the phase of leaving care. A toolbox and train-the-trainer package are developed. 
  2. A Way Home Hub: a structural approach to fight youth exclusion (as homelessness). This approach brings local community actors together to build a common understanding of the challenges faced by the young people leaving care. A toolkit and training package are developed. 

Both strands are piloted in 2 regions: 

  • after care policies at regional level in Flanders and Carinthia, 
  • the ‘A Way Home’ model at city level in cities of Antwerp and Villach. 

56 Child protection professionals, 40 community leaders, 300 young care leavers (direct beneficiaries) / 2510 young care leavers (indirect beneficiaries) will benefit from the project. 

The combination of the Aftercare Protocol with the A Way Home Hub assures on different levels, and during several phases of the young person’s life, a guaranteed support. Young care leavers are better prepared in several life domains to have a better chance on successful transition and those who have a difficult transition decrease drastically.