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KA107 2019 Israël-Georgia

Our main goal is to strengthen the ongoing collaboration for academic, research and development
collaborations between Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) and Artesis Plantijn University College
Antwerp (AP) to create opportunities for staff development, joint academic programs and R&D
initiatives. HIT is one of the leading technological academic institutes in Israel, known for its
innovative teaching technologies and extensive community involvement.
The collaboration between the two institutes will promote the creation of a unique, hybrid
methodology shared by them both (in Israel and Europe) in teaching and preparing students for real
life technological challenges as well as for joint R&D projects. This hybrid methodology will support
the internationalization strategy of both institutes. This project seeks to assist in creating a framework
to enable our mutual ambitions.

In general, this mobility project for both institutes’ Journalism Department can lead to a broader and
more intensified collaboration and can serve as an example for the other departments which both
institutes share and which can easily copy a similar way of working and cooperating.
The impact on the students and staff of GIPA will be the immediate learning outcomes they acquire,
and for students and staff of AP it is the intercultural awareness and diversity cooperation that makes
sense. To measure this, we will make sure that in the following radio project specific emphasis is put
on communication, journalism and media differences between the ‘free’ west and the inheritance of
the ‘old’ east. The journalistic and research products resulting from this edition should show this
newly gained awareness.