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Dirk Van Merode

Ing. Dirk Van Merode MSc finished his engineering studies in Electronics in 2002. His first educational experience was in secondary education, to earn his pedagogy degree. Dirk later moved to Lessius University College, currently renamed Thomas More University College, in 2007, to take up a teaching and research assignment. Since 2018 Dirk works as a lecturer and research engineer at AP University College in Antwerp. His field of expertise is in Internet-of-Things, digital systems design, printed circuit board design and production, embedded systems and audio-video production. Research topics are mainly in European projects, both on curriculum development and student and staff mobility with countries outside the EU. Dirk also did research in space applications and satellite development. He was partner and coordinator of numerous international projects. He was guest professor and advisor in numerous European, Asian and African universities.

Dirk was involved in following international projects:

  • 2020: Partner of Erasmus+ KA107 Israel - Ukraine
  • 2019: Partner in Erasmus+ KA2 SPACECOM: New study program in space systems and communications engineering
  • 2019: Partner of Erasmus+ KA107 Israel
  • 2018: Coordinator of Erasmus+ KA2 ACTEA: Applied Curricula in Technology for East Africa
  • 2018: Partner in Interreg Skills Navigator: research the 21st century skills needed for the evolving labour market, focused on the harbour areas of the interregion Flanders-Netherlands
  • 2018: Partner in Erasmus+ KA2 CRETE: Critical Skills for Electronic Engineers of 2020
  • 2018: Partner of Erasmus+ KA107 Israel - Ukraine
  • 2017: Partner in Erasmus+ KA2 BIOART: Innovative Multidisciplinary Curriculum in Artificial Implants for Bio-Engineering BSc/MSc Degrees
  • 2016: Partner in Erasmus+ KA2 APPLE: Applied curricula in space exploration and intelligent robotic systems
  • 2014: Partner in New Covenant Rural Orphans School - Bwera- Uganda
  • 2013: Partner in VLIR-UOS IUC Mountains of the Moon University - Fort Portal - Uganda
  • 2013-2017: Coordinator of the European TEMPUS DESIRE Development of Embedded System Courses with implementation of Innovative Virtual approaches for integration of Research, Education and Production in UA, GE, AM
  • 2010: Partner in TEMPUS PROMENG: Professional oriented master degrees in engineering
  • 2010: Partner in MANECA (Erasmus Mundus), partner for Lessius-Mechelen.
  • 2009: Partner in TEMPUS-project CRIST: curriculum reform in space technology.