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Nadia Vissers

Nadia Vissers is the Director of the European Journalism Training Association, which groups more than 75 journalism centres, schools and universities from about 30 countries across Europe with the main aim to improve journalism education in Europe. She is the General Coordinator of EUfactcheck, the fact-checking project for students of Journalism from more than 20 EJTA schools.

She is a former radio journalist and has been a Staff member of Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp for over more than 20 years as Coordinator of Internationalisation in the Journalism and Communication programmes, Head of the international programme of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Coordinator of Work Placement and Coordinator of many international student projects. She teaches Interviewing techniques and Constructive news reporting. She has an elaborate international network of journalism lecturers and active media professionals and has been guest lecturer in many cities around the world.