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Digital TA

With this project, we are developing a new model of digital teacher education. The digital platform will focus on the transition from teachers in training to starting teachers. Here we put a strong emphasis on the follow-up of the personal challenges, in function of the guidance process of the teacher. This always in consultation with teacher training programs on the one hand and the schools in which the teachers work on the other.

During the course of the project, the partnership:

1. Define a European approach for the transition period from pre-service to in-service. This including the definition of roles for the actors and institutions involved.

2. Develop and validate a European digital platform based on an international learning community for teacher transition. This will include reflection methods for teachers, as well as examples of good practice.

3. Strive to raise awareness among stakeholders (teachers, mentors, learners, economic, political and social actors) of the potential of a common model for teacher practice training in EU countries.

The project focuses on the following target groups:

1. Recently graduated teachers employed in primary and secondary education (> 300).

2. Teacher education students (>250).

3. Higher education teacher trainers (>35)

4. Elementary and secondary school mentors (>250)

5. In-service training trainers (>50)

6. Primary and secondary school teachers (>100)

7. Policy makers in education (>25)