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Studium Generale: Eline De Clercq

Studium Generale is een initiatief van AP Hogeschool in samenwerking met deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus en Kunsthuis Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. Het jaarthema voor academiejaar 23-24 is 'the liquid society'.

Op woensdag 17 april 2024 verwelkomen we:

  • Spreker: Eline De Clercq & Aurélie Disasi
  • Lezing: The sympoisis garden


Eline De Clercq is a researcher and visual artist. Within the research project 'Making Sense,' she, along with students, initiates 'The Sympoiesis Garden' at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. 'Sympoiesis' means 'making together.' People, animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, and so much more. Besides the literal 'making together,' there is also the aspect of understanding together, looking together, thinking together, researching together, studying together, ... A lot of 'together,' which is not easy for artists trained to be alone. Is it appealing for artists to create together? What is the art world if not an ecology with tides, biodiversity, ecotones, symbiogenesis, fossils alongside new shells, and occasionally a jellyfish drifting among the algae in the sun? The art world also experiences stress due to pollution. Eline De Clercq wants to gather elements from the Sympoiesis garden to learn from as an artist. Not metaphorically, but rather the real substance and real characteristics of living movements. What is moss? What is soil? What is sap that flows and solidifies? And what are artists?

Eline invited Aurélie Disasi as a companion during this guided tour. Aurélie Disasi (they/them) also known as Aru Lee, is a queer multi-disciplinary artist that uses their background in poetry, Interior  Architecture,  and their life as well as political experiences and knowledge to facilitate workshops around the concepts of Safer Spaces within the cultural sector. Their work has a focus on, but is not limited to intersectional anti-oppressive practices from a racial, artistic and community viewpoint that work towards an abolitionist framework. Aru has been working in the cultural sector for over 10 years weaving between life as an artist and educational practitioner, and more recently as a dramaturg and researcher exploring how the power of the imagination is an important tool for community and social change.



  • Woensdag 17 april 2024 van 19 tot 21 uur
  • Locatie: Tuin, campus Mutsaard

  • Taal: Engels

  • Deze lezing is intussen volzet.