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Wannes Heirman

Wannes Heirman (Ph.D.) is a postdoctoral researcher and professor at the University of Antwerp and AP University College Antwerp. He is a guest professor of Government and Social Profit Communication (UA). His research interests include several areas, including online privacy and cyberbullying). He has published extensively on these topics in international peer-reviewed journals. An overview of his researcher profile and publications can be found on the website of the University of Antwerp. Wannes Heirman is involved in several international research projects, including the COST Cyber Bullying Programme funded by Europe and the World Internet Project (WIP). He also participated in publications of the Belgian Observatory of Rights on the Internet ("Cyber-bullying of minors" and "E-marketing and minors"). He is familiar with both quantitative (surveys, experiments) and qualitative research techniques (in-depth interviews and focus groups). 

He recently broadened his research interest as a senior researcher at AP University College: "Gastgerichtheid In De Zorg" (2015-2018), "Show & Tell! Immersive Storytelling" (2017-2019), "Data Driven Marketing Strategy" (2018-2022), "News4You(th)". (2019-2023), "DigitOF" (2019-2023) and "LAP: Learning Analytics AP" (2019-2023). He also regularly gives lectures and demos on VR and data such as at the Corporate Video Festival, Science Day and AP Research Day.