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SCLASS - Sustainability in the Classroom


In a European and global context, we notice our young generation is increasingly in need of global competencies and skills to embrace and develop solutions for cross-border and global sustainability in accordance with the United Nations Global Development Targets.

The main objectives of the SCLASS-project are to:

  1. Develop common teaching modules in sustainability and the UN global development targets across disciplines for the youth group in Europe;
  2. Develop a European program for teacher partnerships across disciplines to promote global skills of the youth;
  3. Set up a digital partner resource platform for teaching and teacher-student collaboration sustained by the strategic partnership of schools build with the SCLASS project.

The SCLASS-project includes 6 participating schools widely distributed across Europe with partners in Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Denmark (lead). All schools are well established concerning youth education combined with vocational and professional training and education.

Activities will include

  • The common design of teaching modules in sustainability;
  • The application of pilot teachers training modules for teacher partnership building for youth education;
  • European evaluation and design of partnerships in teaching with didactics and teaching resources development with digital media;
  • Building and launching of a digital knowledge platform for teacher partnerships in youth education.

The teaching development and didactics will be based on experience and problem-based learning with team collaboration in cross cultural settings on the global sustainable development targets. Hereby is envisaged a strong impact on the youth groups involved in partner-teaching, on the teachers and schools involved and long-term benefits for society at large in creating future generations of global citizens and communities on sustainable development issues.

Go to the website for more information and free access to the teaching modules. 


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