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We CQ, Spotting talent

In order to face up to the ageing population, it is necessary to keep the employment rate in the active population as high as possible. However, some groups, including persons of foreign non-EU origin, still appear to have difficulties in gaining access to the labour market. One possible explanation for this is that the selection procedure used within organisations is not sufficiently adapted to the specificity of this group. Within this research, we therefore want to develop an intervention that offers the recruiter tools to adapt the selection process to the characteristics and needs of persons of foreign non-EU origin. For this purpose, we base ourselves on the construct of 'cultural intelligence' (CQ).

CQ is a multi-dimensional, aggregated construct with 4 dimensions and 11 subfactors that include the skills to act successfully in intercultural settings. CQ, as a dynamic construct, can be developed through interventions based on the experiential learning theory.

In a first phase of the research, we will, by means of a literature study, the analysis of data and in-depth interviews, find out which dimensions and/or subfactors of CQ recruiters consciously or unconsciously use within the selection process. Based on this we develop an intervention, based on the experiential learning theory. This intervention is then cyclically enriched and adjusted. More precisely, the intervention is offered and evaluated in three consecutive cycles within new companies. The evaluation of the previous cycle forms the basis for further adjusting and enriching of the intervention before it is offered to new companies. After completion of the three cycles, the intervention is finalised, offered and actively promoted as a training package.

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