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Generation Z is formed by young people that grew up during the last years of the economic crisis, mostly born between mid 90’s and 2010. They represent 25% of the world population and have a strong influential capacity that make them a decisive target, particularly for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) and institutions. It is considered as the first generation to be digital natives, having grown up permanently connected in a multi-screen environment, and being familiar with anything related to Internet or digital multitasking. Due to their digital profile, many traditional cultural institutions and artists are facing difficulties in attracting and engaging them.


'Z Elements' is a strongly interdisciplinary project that will transform analogue artistic expressions into Digital Transmedia Storytelling products. The objective of the project is to develop artistic experiences and exchanges to explore how traditional and analogue artistic expressions can involve and attract a younger audience from Generation Z, and how young people can contribute to the development of such subsectors through co-creative processes towards the development of Digital Transmedia Storytelling products.

In that framework, 'Z Elements' will implement a series of activities in order to pursue the following objectives:

  • Audience development
    Through the involvement of some 75 young volunteers in co-creation and co-curation of works, their participation of in workshops with artists and conversion into e-reporters.
    The project will also develop some research to identify and map good practices and trends towards the e-distribution of cultural goods that better reach young people.
  • Mobilities
    Through the participation 20 artists from different fields to 4 artistic residences for the production of works inspired by the classical elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Aether), and the posterior distribution of the work through Social Networks and platforms
  • Capacity-Building - New digital skills
    Training of participants on Digital Transmedia Storytelling through ad hoc workshops and “Learning by doing” tutored transformation processes.
Project Partners

This project is funded by the the Creative Europe Programme. There are 5 European partners colaborating: Fundación Municipal de Cultura de Aviles (ES; leading partner), Royal Academy of fine Arts Antwerp (part of AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts) (BE), Fondazione Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona (IT), École Européenne Supérieure d'Art de Bretagne (FR) and Association Kulturanova Udruzenje (RS).