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Hiram Bollaert

Hiram Bollaert is a lecturer and a researcher at the AP University College Antwerp. He obtained a Master degree in mathematics from the University of Antwerp. After having taught mathematics, statistics, and computer literacy at various colleges for several years, he moved on to the university college as a statistics and operations research lecturer for professional bachelors and international Erasmus students. There he discovered the capabilities of virtual learning environments using systems as Blackboard and Moodle and started creating adaptive e-courses. His experience as a provider of e-learning reflects on his research projects and his strong vision on implementing and using e-learning and m-learning. This resulted in concepts like I'GLOs (Interaction Generating Learning Objects) and GGULIVRR (Generic Game for Ubiquitous Learning in an Interactive Virtual and Real Reality). Hiram uses his creativity to encourage colleagues and students to discover the virtual playground, to incorporate ICT as a learning tool and to construct education together as learners.