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Bridging Science and Practice: International week for practice-oriented scientific researchers and research management



We are pleased to invite you to our international week concerning practice-oriented scientific research and research management at AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp. The event will take place from Tuesday, November 14th to Thursday, November 16th, 2023 at our campuses in Antwerp, Belgium. 

AP invests in the innovative development of various professional fields through research and education. To achieve this we set up durable collaborations with national and international partners, both professional and academic. We organise this week to further develop these academic international partnerships concerning our research initiatives. Our goal is thus to build bridges and strong partnerships with like-minded colleagues across borders, to learn, to better understand and to collaborate. 


The programme will consist of discussions, workshops, a poster conference and of course sightseeing in the beautiful city of Antwerp. The activities will be held in English.

Aside from a general programme, each participant will be invited to take part in one of four tracks:

  • For research and services support staff: international project management
  • For researchers and companies:
    • Futureproof learning and education
    • Measuring soft skills and soft skill development
    • Healthcare and prevention

More information about the tracks and a timetable can be found below. 


Our week is free of charge and includes all activities and meals mentioned in the timetable. 

The international week can be included in the Erasmus+ programme (contact your own international office for more info). If you plan to do so, please let us know via the application form below and send us the mobility agreement at least one week in advance.

Contact info:

Name: AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp

Contact: Marie Heijens - research@ap.be - +32 3 220 54 00

Address: Lange Nieuwstraat 101 - 2000 Antwerp - Belgium

Erasmus code: B ANTWERP62

Applications (see bottom of page) are open until October 15th. When you have fulfilled your application, we will inform you as soon as possible if you are accepted. 

Track 1: Research & Services Support Staff


AP Research Office supports its practice-oriented researchers with project management, communication, reporting… In this week we would like to discuss the topic of how to support and organise the endeavour of applying for and managing international research projects. 


Share knowledge and best practices concerning project management for international research projects. 


Workshops concerning: 

  • Session 1: How to organise a project management office  

  • Session 2: How to aid researchers to develop their international ambitions (e.g. how to make choices, what is the return on investment…) 

  • Session 3: How to support these ambitions e.g. in project applications, networking, visibility… 


Research managers, support staff and project managers who support researchers concerning all aspects of international research funding: project applications, project administration, budgeting or reporting… 

Track 2: Futureproof Learning and Education


Research group LEERT focuses on research in pre-primary, primary and secondary education, always in close collaboration with its professional field. Our 4 main research domains are: 

  • Language education  

  • Social justice in education  

  • Teaching as a team  

  • Innovations in learning    


The goal of our track is to welcome other educational researchers with like-minded ambitions to share know-how and experience and to explore possibilities for collaborations in current and future research projects.  

  • Introduction research group and domains 

  • Workshops with a focus on sharing best practices concerning: 

  • How to capture research needs and how to shape them into a research project 

  • How to collaborate with schools during projects  

  • Implementation of research results into the teaching practice 


International educational, practice-oriented researchers in the field of pre-primary, primary and secondary education 

Track 3: Measuring soft skills and soft skill development


Research group RELLI (Research center Lifelong Learning & Innovation) focuses on research with regard to the development and measurement of soft skills in a professional and higher educational context. In this week we will discuss possible joint projects concerning this topic.  


This track is aimed at sharing expertise, exploring new ideas and jointly taking steps towards a more innovative way of measuring and developing soft skills.  

More specifically, we are looking for international partners who are interested in co-writing a Cooperation Partnership via Erasmus+. Within the track, there will be room to exchange expertise and good practices, and we will also brainstorm about the content of an Erasmus+ project-application. Possible themes of this application are the measurement and development of soft skills among diverse groups, including less literate employees/job seekers, non-native English or Dutch speakers, adult learners, or academic students. 

  • Session 1: Getting to know each other + introduction REsearch center Lifelong Learning & Innovation and its instruments regarding soft skills 

  • Session 2: sharing expertise and good practices regarding soft skills by the international organisations 

  • Session 3: brainstorm concerning the new Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership  


International researchers of both universities and universities of applied sciences OR international companies with a focus on soft skill development and measurement 

Track 4: Healthcare and Prevention


Research Group Health and Sciences focuses on practice-oriented research concerning 3 domains: 

  • Healthcare-technology and E-health 

  • Health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation 

  • Mental health 

In this week all three subjects will be discussed in different presentations and discussions.  


The goal of this week is to seek out partners who are interested in co-writing applications for international projects concerning these three topics. We will look for synergies and common goals, share knowledge and discuss best practices.  

  • Presentation research group and domains 

  • Per domain we will hold one project presentation and discussion with a focus on exploring possible joint project applications

    • Guidelines childbirth: The aim of this session is to inform invitees about how to develop guidelines: how to start and how to bring this process to a successful conclusion. Experiences can be shared and the possibility of working on international guidelines can be discussed.  

    • Mental wellbeing for healthcare students: Students find themselves in an important transition period in their lives, a period where environmental influences can exert an important protective function on their resilience and mental wellbeing. As a university of applied sciences, we are an important part of this changing environmental context. Therefore, it is appropriate to monitor the emotional health of healthcare students and consider what can be done to support them. In addition, it is important to provide students with insights on how to hold their own as future healthcare providers. 

      The aim of our research is to map mental wellbeing and coping strategies concerning healthcare students, and then to gauge students' distress in terms of palliative activities (activities that are stress-reducing). From here, resilience-building resources can be developed and implemented. 

      The aim of the session is for this topic to gain international importance and to consult with a (potential) consortium to work across national borders on the mental wellbeing and resilience of students in health courses.  

    • Prevention with the immersive cube and/or VR in healthcare: During this workshop, visitors can discover our immersive room and future plans to embed it in research and services to organisations, such as occupational accident prevention and simulation-based trainings to improve communication and other soft skills.

Researchers from international universities or universities of applied sciences with a focus on healthcare-technology and E-health, health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation or mental health.

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