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In an era where games and gamification, innovation and creation, cross-cultural understanding and communication, teamwork and self-direction, entrepreneurship and critical thinking are increasingly gaining importance, the GENIUS project endeavours to stimulate all these topics and skills through engaging learning opportunities.


GENIUS is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project that kickstarted in November 2017 in Lodz and will run for 32 months.

The project enables the partners to organise three mobility events (GGULIVRR-like events) during which 50 students (10 per partner) from all these institutes, from different programmes, will be teamed up in international and interdisciplinary teams and assigned a serious task. The teams will, during a ten days event, create and develop contextual mobile games.

The first event will be held in April 2018 in Kokkola / Pietarsaari, Finland. In 2019 Antwerp will be the venue and in 2020 Porto will be hosting the last event.

The consortium also has the ambition to create a digital community. Ten courses on several relevant topics and a protocol will be made available in this community in order to allow other institutes and students to organize GENIUS-like events and prepare for them. The community also enables student teams to share their game concepts and experiences.

Multiplier effect

The partners hope that more students, other educational institutes and private companies find their way to this community. Thus, the consortium’s aim is to generate an increasing number of contextual mobile game building opportunities providing all partners to benefit from this intensive purposeful and effective educational working method:

  • Private companies can profit from the new and creative ideas from the students.
  • Educational institutes can use the method and the provided protocol to organise themselves likewise fun and effective international events.
  • Students have the opportunity to meet their colleagues from other countries and other disciplines in new environments while being plunged in experience that allows them to be creative, communicative and performant.