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Royal Academy Antwerp




Full Academic Year

Campus Mutsaard

Join us at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp for an inspiring exchange experience as part of your Visual Arts program.

Campus MutsaardWhat?

Our academic bachelors and master programmes in visual arts offer a variety of choices.

Choose from our available programs – Costume Design, Jewellery Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking and drawing, In Situ – the one that best matches your programme at your home institution.

After you have been selected, the international relations coordinator will compose your study program together with you, based on your educational needs and what’s on offer.

For who?

For students studying Visual Arts at one of our partner institutions.


Pick your specialization and get ready to prepare your application for an exciting exchange programme

Timing and Location

You can opt for an exchange of one semester or an entire academic year. The first semester starts mid-September and ends in January. The second semester runs from February till June.

Check out our campuses and facilities right here.


Our admission procedure is the same for all Visual Arts applicants.


You will be able to transfer the credits obtained at our Academy to your home institution so they count towards obtaining your degree.