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International Class Graphic and Digital Media




Autumn Semester

This international semester offers you a choice between 4 creative LABS and 10 Expert Classes. Read on to find out more about our International Program in Antwerp. 


This international program is conceived to deepen your skills and knowledge in a particular field of study. You will need to choose:

  • 1 LAB: in this LAB you will work individually and creatively on a project. You will be guided and challenged by the lecturers and work in a motivational environment between your peers. You will also receive a lot of freedom, as long as you raise the bar high enough.
  • 2 EXPERT CLASSES: in these classes experts from specialized fields are invited to go deeper into specific niches and topics linked to a LAB. At the end of the classes you will need to pass an exam.
    You will need to choose:
    • 1 expert class linked to your LAB
    • 1 expert class linked to another LAB

As an Erasmus student you will integrate easily as you follow the classes/labs together with your Flemish 3rd year student colleagues. English is the language of instruction, if not you will receive instructions simultaneously in English.


You can participate if you are an incoming Erasmus student from one of our partners, studying in the field of the proposed LABS. This means that you will already need a more than solid background in and a zealous passion for the subject matter. In addition to that you will of course need to be fluent in written and spoken English.


You need to choose one LAB out of the following 4 LABS (*), all 14 ECTS:

  • Motion Lab
  • Interface Lab
  • Publication Lab
  • Brand Lab


Next, you need to choose one expert class linked to your LAB and one expert class linked to another Lab.

14 Expert Classes (*), all 8 ECTS

  • Linked to Motion Lab:
    • 2D Motion Graphics Expert Class
    • 3D Motion Graphics Expert Class
    • Video and SFX Expert Class
    • Realtime Motion Graphics Expert Class
    • Immersive Storytelling Expert Class
  • Linked to Interface Lab:
    • Coding Expert Class
    • UX/UI Expert Class
    • Immersive Storytelling Expert Class
  • Linked to Publication Lab:
    • Illustration Expert Class
    • Typography Expert Class
    • Photography Expert Class
  • Linked to Brand Lab:
    • Brand Identity Expert Class
    • Packaging Expert Class
    • Brand Experience Expert Class

(*) Some expert classes might overlap, so requests will need to be reviewed case by case



  • The Labs have a limited number of participants, so if there are more applications than available places, a selection will be made based on the quality of your application.
  • This international class during the 1st semester can be combined with the EPS programme during the 2nd semester. 

Courses Exchange Students 2024-25

*modeltraject steeds onder voorbehoud van wijzigingen

Timing and Location

Welcome Week

Monday 9th September 2024 -  Thursday 12th September 2024

Welcome day

Friday, 13th September 2024

Start of programme

Monday, 16th September 2024

Official end date

Friday, 31st January 2025*


Autumn Break: Monday 28th October 2024 – Sunday 3rd November 2024 (1 week)
Christmas Holiday: 23rd December 2024 – Sunday 5th January 2025 (2 weeks)
Other free days: 1st November 2024, 11th November 2024


AP Campus Spoor Noord - Viaduct
Ellermanstraat 71
2000 Antwerp


The registration deadline for International Class ‘Graphic & Digital Media’ is: 1st Semester (September till January): 1st May. Our practical classes can hold only a limited number of students. After the deadline of application, a selection will take place based on availability of the requested courses, motivation/CV and, if necessary, date of application.

After the deadline, a selection will take place by the international coordinator at AP and there might be an additional live online interview.

AP partner institutions should nominate the student via our registration system Mobility Online. The link to the nomination form will be sent to all partner institutions; If you did not receive it, please contact us at . Once nominated, students will receive an automated mail to complete the application.  You can find the full application procedure here.

After the selections, additional information will be given, pertaining to:

  • Welcome week and welcome day
  • Accommodation
  • Procedures for registration (residence permit)
  • Entry requirements
  • Activities, integration & facilities
  • Invitation letter, for visa purposes


AP awards 30 credits for one full semester (1 LAB + 2 Expert classes). Credits are awarded only when the course has been completed and all required examinations have been successfully taken.

AP Grading Scale compared to the ECTS scale:


ECTS grade












FX FAIL (with possible deliberation)


F  FAIL (no deliberation possibility)