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Saar Claes

Visual storyteller. Collector with respect for the planet. Fascinated by branding and why we love specific brands and despise others. Studied graphic design and Dutch. Lived in Manchester and Amsterdam. Loves art education and fashion. Used to create specific guided tours and workshops for MOMU Antwerp for all ages. Has a great passion for design, preferably not on classic paper. She loves to experience the design in real life. Digital images are great teasers, but she wants to feel the structure of the material and see the interaction with the viewer. Ready to enhance your vision with words and images that will linger in the mind without being annoying. Ready to share her knowledge on topics such as branding, sustainability, legibility, decision making, marketing, data visualization, optimalisation graphic workflow, material design for packaging. Hungry for knowledge and eager to start new projects. Loves the transformation from 2D into 3D. Never stopped being the why, why, why kid.