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Foto event Take Off Antwerp

A platform for young entrepreneurs in Antwerp.

As from the academic year 2016-2017, the city of Antwerp will collaborate with the main higher educational institutions (AP, KdG, Hogere Zeevaartschool, University of Antwerp), the youth organisation KAVKA, the students’ association SINC, the organisation of entrepreneurs VOKA and with various local companies and organisations. They will jointly work as TAKEOFFANTWERP_ALLIANCE, an Antwerp collaborative agreement, that aims at creating a wide entrepreneurial context for all youngsters.

Local ecosystem
This local ecosystem wants to inspire youngsters, and activate and support them towards entrepreneurship. In order to do so, the city, the higher educational institutions, local companies, organisations and students collaborate and provide for a joint entrepreneurial environment. Consequently, all parties concerned will work on one, common, calendar.
The goal of this local ecosystem in which the city, the higher educational institutions, local companies, organisations and student associations will combine their competences, is to come up with an entrepreneurial environment. Therefore, the whole Antwerp entrepreneurial landscape is outlined. Also, one central point of contact is foreseen for the youngsters. Teachers and youth workers are being supported so that they can help develop entrepreneurial competences within their own work field. Moreover, the ecosystem will constantly look for possible links between existing initiatives between the partners. 

Rooted entrepreneurship 
In the next years, TAKEOFFANTWERP_ALLIANCE will focus on rooting entrepreneurship within the Antwerp higher educational institutions and the wide-scaled youth care. Thanks to the combined expertise, connections and support of the TAKEOFFANTWERP_ALLIANCE partners youngsters and students in Antwerp will be able to discover entrepreneurship.