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Studium Generale

Studium Generale - Chair Kinsbergen

An initiative of Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp in collaboration with deSingel and Opera Ballet Flanders

The eighth lecture series Studium Generale - Chair Kinsbergen starts on Tuesday 17 October 2017. It's theme is 'Trust'.

Who would risk blind trust? Are you skeptical about new technology? Alternatively, gullible when believing a politician? Is every blossoming enterprise a front for corruption and are we sitting ducks for its connivances?

Yet, trust is our key to innovating society, to fresh inspiration, to unimagined art and advanced science. Who dares let trust in the door?

We put these questions to a sociologist and to the city's mediation officer, to the country's youngest imam and to two female Protestant ministers, to a physician, a philosopher, a performance artist, ...

After 7 much appreciated past cycles such as Boundaries, Passion and Conflict  Studium Generale - Leerstoel Kinsbergen chose Trust for its 2017-2018 lecture series.


After each lecture, there is a short debate with the audience

Dinsdag 17 oktober 2017: Taal als vergif. Een psychoanalytische visie op vertrouwen en wantrouwen (Dutch) VOLZET
Dr. Abe Geldhof, psychoanalyticus - departement Psychoanalyse UGent
Inleiding door Koen De Smet, onderzoeker AP Hogeschool

Tuesday 7 November 2017: Trust and super diversity in the heart of Europe: between polarization and normalization (English) more info
Dr. Dirk Geldof, sociologist Antwerp University, super diversity expert
Introduction by Veerle Van Assche, researcher AP University College

Dinsdag 5 december 2017: De kracht van een klacht - uitdaging tot positiviteit (Dutch)
Karla Blomme, ombudsvrouw Stad Antwerpen
Inleiding door Yvonne Postma, lector AP Hogeschool

Tuesday 19 December 2017: Growth Makes You Happy - An Optimist's View of Progress and the Free Market (English) more info
Peter De Keyzer, communications expert, economist
Introduction by Thomas Verhuyck, lecturer AP University College

Dinsdag 30 januari 2018: Vertrouwen, daarvoor moet je met twee zijn (Dutch)
Ina Koeman en Petra Schipper, Protestantse dominees
Inleiding door Hans Dowit, gastlector AP Hogeschool

Tuesday 27 February 2018: To reunite, we must restore the basics of human coorperation: Trust (English) more info
Kathleen Van Brempt, member EU Parliament (SP.A)
Introduction by Dirk Hye, lecturer AP University College

Dinsdag 6 maart 2018: Islam in Europa: bedreiging of verrijking (Dutch)
Khalid Benhaddou, imam, de-radicalisering expert
Inleiding door Myriam Koning, lector AP Hogeschool

Tuesday 27 March 2018: Technological innovation in reproductive medicine and ethical challenges: cause for trust or distrust? (English)
Petra De Sutter, physician, researcher
Introduction by Elisah D'hooge, head of programme Applied Psychology AP University College

Dinsdag 24 april 2018: Filosofie van de vriendschap (Dutch) meer info
Willem Elias, cultuurfilosoof
Inleiding door Jos Pauwels, opleidingshoofd Sociaal Werk AP Hogeschool

Tuesday 8 May 2018: Immortal Confidence (English)
Merlin Spie, performance artist
Introduction by Guy Bovyn, head of the Fine Arts programme AP University College

Practical information

No entrance fee.
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All lectures start at 7 pm and finish at 9 pm. They take place at the Yellow Hall of Royal Conservatoire Antwerp:

Campus deSingel
25 Desguinlei
2018 Antwerpen

Contact studiumgenerale@ap.be

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