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Student services

STUVO AP is active in different areas interesting for students:

  • social services,
  • accommodation,
  • psychological service,
  • juridical advice,
  • student jobs,
  • culture and sports at reduced prices,
  • student restaurants,
  • rental bikes, ...


For only € 10 you can buy a booklet with 7 culture cheques. These cheques give you access to 40 culture houses, you can become a library member or go to a museum for free. For more information , please visit www.cultuurcheques.gate15.be/nl/. Don't miss the monthly concert in the student restaurants.


Sports at AP University College? Then you need the sportsticker! Get out of your lazy chair,  our sports offers are amazing. For € 18 you can buy a sportsticker which allows you to do sports for the entire academic year.

More information? Visit www.sportsticker.be

Rental bike

Interested in moving about quickly and cheap in Antwerp? Stuvo AP offers the solution in cooperation with 'Fietshaven'. They offer bikes for rent at gentle prices.

More information? Visit www.fietshaven.be

Contact STUVO AP for more information and other student services


Lange Nieuwstraat 101      
2000 Antwerpen           
T 03 220 59 00