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Strategic Partnership: Agents of Change in Education (SPACE): project summary

 The SPACE project - which stands for 'Strategic Partnership: Agents of Change in Education' - brings together existing know-how and innovative approaches to the development of future knowledge in a homogenous initiative specifically designed to provide Europe's future educators with the tools they need in order to exemplify how tomorrow's innovators act, interact, think, network, and teach.

The SPACE project exists at the meeting point of science, technology, art, entrepreneurship and innovation. Based on the "Write a Science Opera (WASO)" teaching model which has been thoroughly validated in several projects of the European Commission and the European Economic Area, the proposed SPACE project will extend the limits of that model in several ways, allowing it to encompass additional fields of learning and knowledge. These additional fields are:

 1) The establishment of a collaboration with the European Space Agency's Technology Center (ESTEC) so as to receive inspiration from ESTEC for inter-disciplinary art/science educational activity.

 2) The development of app's by entrepreneurial groups of higher education students.

 3) The enabling of week-long meetings in various countries of higher education exchange (mobility) students so as to allow acquaintance with how a methodology functions in various European contexts.

 4) The creation of a digital toolkit which encompasses the knowledge accumulated.

 5) Systematic and rigorous evaluation of how the methodology functions in higher education contexts which cross borders.

 Based on these activities, SPACE project will create a European network of young, future educators, which will be introduced to the complexities of the future job market, by inviting them to engage in exciting, innovative, entrepreneurial interventions during which they will be called upon to implement practicum activities in European schools.

 SPACE is coordinated by AP University College. A Norwegian and Irish higher education institution are part of the consortium too: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Dundalk Institute of Technology. The consortium is completed by the Dutch educational innovation company Speel je wijs, the Portugese Conservatory Curso de Música Silva Monteiro and the European Network for Opera, Music and Dance Education RESEO.

 Contact:  geert.marrin@ap.be